Xie Zhenye Liu Xiang also shrugged off the fight over the leadership: I understand, but I don't want to sit in the stands.

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Xie Zhenye Liu Xiang also shrugged off the fight over the leadership: I understand, but I don't want to sit in the stands.

2017-08-12 22:57:41 146 ℃

London World Championships was close to the end, even before the 4 men "100 meter relay game once heard Zhenye Xie, due to injury to confirm the men's 4" 100 meter relay preliminaries of the news, but in the end he to teammate Zhang Peimeng World War farewell to the motherland, honor is also decided to put together, and Su Bingtian brothers they rushed into the finals, after the game he said: "I know a lot of pressure, have leadership coach Don't want me, but I would rather cry in the track, also don't want to sit in the stands! Don't want to let Zhang Peimeng last contest regret!"

Zhang Peimeng is retiring, he also pro for the world championship is their last World Series, Xie Zhenye said: "I know this yourself or not will be sprayed, but I don't want to regret!" Unlike Liu Xiang's helpless to retire, netizens think it more "workaholic" spirit, is a beat the tough guy! And this in spite of his own injuries, wilful adventure play, his leadership and coaching is also bear a lot of pressure!

Michael Liu Xiang after retirement, China sports hope to achieve sports power in track and field goal, blank for a long time. And this year with Liu Xiang young and Su Bingtian Xie Zhenye two sprinter turned out to Chinese track and saw the rise of hope, especially Xie Zhenye and Su Bingtian, Wu Zhiqiang, Zhang Peimeng three brothers, in the July 22nd IAAF Diamond League Monaco station men's 4 "100 metre relay race, victory over the United States, Canada the French team, won the gold medal, attracted netizens on the track and field Chinese unprecedented attention. We are then in London Zhenye Xie et al's world championships have high expectations.

In order to be able to have a good performance in the "4 100 meter race with team mate, in order to help the country to win a medal in the project, Xie Zhenye also deliberately gave up 200 meters event, specializing in the 100 metres and the relay races, but Xie Zhenye in the 100 metres semi-final only ran 10. 13 seconds without the final, but also because of a spasm and thigh with slight injury.

Enter the 4 "100 metres final Xie Zhenye also said that he now because of injuries to play 100 per cent of the strength, but they said they would let go of the Subing add run, try to run out of their true strength! But in the final to participate in Boulter's final game in person, but also support its adherence to a power source of combat injuries, but the ultimate reason is of course he wants to get a lot of honor for the motherland! Maybe this can be very slim hope of winning, but his insistence also let people see, like Sun Yang in the world championship this year is still hard and tired and refuse! China sports can more such a workaholic, we must be able to become the real sports power!