A: Zhou Ting Moreno broke, Wuhan zall 1-1 Dalian party

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A: Zhou Ting Moreno broke, Wuhan zall 1-1 Dalian party

2017-08-12 22:58:04 197 ℃

Tiger tiger August 12th news sports news Beijing time at 19:30 on August 12th, in a league twenty-first round of the focus of the war, Wuhan Thatcher in Wuhan Sports Center 1-1 with Dalian party. Zhou Ting's third minute penalty to break the deadlock, Moreno equalised fifteenth minutes.

The opening third minutes, Dalian party to promote Wuhan zall area, tomorrow to his rescue up too high, in the box down Wang Jinxian. The referee whistle a penalty, Zhou Ting veteran surgeonRelaxed1-0, a Dalian hit, the first to break the deadlock.

Tenth minutes, Dalian party again pushed to the front of area, Sun Guowen double defense in many people in the ball gives the body side of Mu Xiekui, the latter is not adjusted with kicker hit the door, the ball hit the side net. Twelfth minutes, Zhou Ting came to the sidelines for treatment of injuries. Dalian has been forced to make personnel adjustments, Dan Pengfei came off the bench.

Fifteenth minutes, Wuhan zall along the right side of the attack, see Dalian goalkeeper Zhang Chong at some before, Moreno suddenly kicker, tried a lob the ball past Zhang Chong, head into the Dalian side of the goal, 1-1, Wuhan zall quickly equalized.

Thirtieth minutes, Dalian side up, Jin Qiang in the restricted area arc tried a shot burst, but did not play a positive part of the ball, directly kicked the ball in the stands. In thirty-sixth minutes, Samir and his teammates to play with the pole into the box, Dalian party goalkeeper Zhang Chong quickly attack tight tight marking Samir, Wuhan zall foreign aid striker was forced out of the area around, Zhang Chong successfully resolved a danger.

Thirty-eighth minutes, Yao Hanlin restricted area before the chesting kicker hit the door, Zhang Chong quite concentrated attention firmly take the ball. Forty-fifth minutes, tomorrow right staged breakthrough, Dan Pengfei helpless foot foul, no threat to Wuhan zall placement. The first half of the match, the two teams draw with 1-1.

Sixty-seventh minutes, Wuhan zall cramps players tomorrow, then coach to make personnel adjustments, Huang Bowen came off the bench. Seventy-eighth minutes, the ball Ai Zhibo suddenly forward, then long ball trying to find Yao Hanlin, Dalian players in a timely manner to the foot.

Seventy-ninth minutes, the Dalian side to make personnel adjustments, change the Chinese sun sun platinum. Eighty-second minutes, Zhu Xiaogang cramps in down on the floor, the doctor admitted the stretcher carried out, Han Xu came off the bench.

Eighty-fourth minutes, Wuhan zall left out of high quality pass, Dalian party goalkeeper Zhang Chong appeared at high speed before the failure, Huang Bowen inserted ready to hit the door, Dan Pengfei first kicked the ball out, but was hit by Huang Bowen, who received a yellow card.

Eighty-sixth minutes, Yao Hanlin restricted his back to the ball, Huang Bowen follow up kick hit the door, kicked the ball. First minutes of stoppage time, Dalian party right pass, sun platinum shakes Leipzig close, Sun Shoubo firmly take the ball. Second minutes of stoppage time, Samir fell in the penalty area, a penalty for Wuhan zall, referee ignored. Third minutes of stoppage time, Mu Xiekui lob.

The second half stoppage time 3 minutes, the final 1-1 draw with Dalian Wuhan zall home court party.

List of appearances:

Wuhan zall (532): 23- Sun Shoubo /7- 5- Zhang Yaokun, 6- Luo Yi, Ai Zhibo, Li Chao, 6- 15- tomorrow (70'2- Huang Bowen) /16- Samir, 20- 8- Yao Hanlin /10-, Nie Ao double Moreno, Evra 17-

Dalian Party (442): 1- Zhang Chong /12- Zhou Ting (14'27- Dan Pengfei), 2- Wang Wanpeng, 5- Ferrari, 8- /11- Sun Guowen, 15- Jin Qiang, Zhu Ting, 6- Zhu Xiaogang (83'24- Han Xu), 20- Wang Jinxian (79'29- Sun Bo) /10-, 9- Mu Boli Xie Kui