The premier - morata shot Red Cahill nine Chelsea 2-3 negative Burnley

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The premier - morata shot Red Cahill nine Chelsea 2-3 negative Burnley

2017-08-13 00:47:33 773 ℃

Live news August 12th Beijing time on August 12th night at 22 o'clock, the first round of the Premier League compete in the 2017-18 season Standford bridge, Chelsea in the home court against burnley. The first half Waxman scored two goals, Ward shot burst accomplishment, the second half morata first league goal, Lewis pulled one back. The final end of the game, Chelsea home court lost 2-3 Burnley, Cahill and Fabregas red.

Chelsea won the League last season is also very active in the summer transfer window window. Bakayoko, rvdiger and morata have joined Chelsea and Matic to Manchester United, Costa is also expected to leave such a new season, Chelsea can have what kind of performance is worth looking forward to. The Arab Zal and Bakayoko were unable to play because of injury, Mose has also been suspended, Conti's team can get a good start concern. Both sides nearly 5 games, Chelsea 3 wins, 2 unbeaten.

After the first half, two teams into the state is relatively fast. Second minutes, a free kick kick from Brady, Benjamin's header was confiscated Courtois. Sixth minutes, Alonso left low ball across the defensive player was destroyed. After 1 minutes, Fabregas pass by Heaton control. Tenth minutes, rvdiger shooting from outside is blocked.

Thirteenth minutes, Gary - Cahill because Feichan Defour was a direct red card penalty.

Eighteenth minutes, Hendrik header ferry, Waxman headed home, but the referee whistled for a Hendrik foul earlier goal. 2 minutes later, Zhise Brady was Courtois control. Twenty-third minutes, lotton right pass into the box, Waxman's volley fire bomb into the net, Chelsea 0-1 burnley!

Twenty-fifth minutes, Alonso pass in the left no Heaton confiscated. Thirty-second minutes, Alonso left after the cut hit the door was a defensive player damage. 2 minutes later, Kanter pick directly out of the bottom line. Thirty-eighth minutes, Jack - Kirk pick, Stephen - Ward small angle volley nets of violence, Chelsea 0-2 burnley!

Fortieth minutes, Lewis outside the long-range flying. Forty-second minutes, Defour right pass, the unmarked Waxman header succeeded, Chelsea 0-3 burnley!

Forty-fourth minutes, Kanter the edge of the area shot slightly higher than the beam. Forty-seventh minutes left, Brady area low shot dapian.

The first half of the match ended, Chelsea temporarily 0-3 behind Burnley home court.

Easy side battles the second half, Chelsea took the lead in the offensive. Forty-seventh minutes, rvdiger peripheral try long shots missed. 1 minutes later, Alonso edge of the area shot a little high. Fifty-second minutes, Ba Shu to low shot power behind Yayi Heaton is too small to be confiscated. Fifty-sixth minutes, Brady's corner biography, Waxman header top side.

Fifty-ninth minutes, morata try flying long-range kick. After 1 minutes, Alonso penalty kick by Heaton brave saved. Sixty-fifth minutes, lotton right pass, whose header wide of the post. Sixty-eighth minutes, William right pass, morata plug header header, Chelsea 1-3 burnley!

Sixty-ninth minutes, Brady pass directly out of the bottom line. After 2 minutes, Azpilicueta pass by Heaton confiscated pad. Seventy-second minutes, Christensen right back, morata tuishe, but the referee Chuifa offside goal.

Seventy-fifth minutes, Benjamin's header was Courtois resolve. Seventy-ninth minutes, Kanter restricted area arc - slightly deflected. Eightieth minutes, Fabregas because of sliding tackles Jack - Kirk, the referee was finally sent off two yellow and one red.

Eighty-fourth minutes, Morata peripheral low shot was pressed under the body of heaton. Eighty-seventh minutes, Azpilicueta sent a long pass, Morata header rub, David Lewis in the restricted area of the Tui, Chelsea 2-3 burnley!

Eighty-eighth minutes free kick kick hit the left post brady.

Ninety-third minutes after the break, William pick by the defender siege.

The end of the game, Chelsea 2-3 defeat to Burnley home court.

The two sides lineup

Chelsea: 13- Courtois, 3- Marcos, Alonso 2-, rvdiger 24- Gary, Cahill 30-, David Lewis, 28- Azpilicueta, 38- Boga (17 minutes, 27- Christensen (91 minutes, 17- 7- Kanter, Jose songtak)), 4- Fabregas, 22- William, 23- Ba Shu Yayi (57 minutes, 9- morata)

Burnley: 1- 23- Stephen Heaton, Ward 6-, Benjamin m, 5- Tarkovski, 2- Laughton, 16- Defour (74 minutes, 19- Walters), 4- Jack Kirk, 13- Hendrik, 17- 12- Brady, Gould Mongolia gesund (75 minutes, 37- 9-, Waxman arfield)

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