Hengda players: violent bird walk strength to be damaged but I want him to go to Barcelona

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Hengda players: violent bird walk strength to be damaged but I want him to go to Barcelona

2017-08-13 00:47:33 290 ℃
Paulinho left Evergrande

Source: Fengzhen match point

That Paulinho won't leave Guangzhou Hengda in the summer, but tomorrow he will embark on a flight to Barcelona. This afternoon, Hengda in water base after the end of the training, Paulinho officially made a farewell to his teammates. The Spanish giants Barcelona have activated his penalty, his dream will become reality.

Throughout the summer, Paulinho to join Barcelona gossip together, after the two Hengda publicly rejected Barcelona's offer, thought things would fall silent, after all, it is difficult to Barcelona would have pulled out 40 million euros for a penalty in the super players, besides, there is no other way. After all, not willing to let the team Hengda midfielder.

It's hard to say is not incident Neymar joined Paris changed everything, but the reality is that Neymar got 220 million euros penalty after the Spanish giants Barcelona have enough budget to buy players. A few years ago that in any case Chinese football transfer market, with the top players in European trading together. After the Brazil national team midfielder, Barcelona still have to buy other players close to the budget of 200 million euros.

After Hengda boss Xu Jiayin stand in the summer will not let Paulinho, because he is the "cornerstone team impact of season four crown, but Barcelona Zachu liquidated damages, Hengda no way. In the summer transfer window closed (not only), now Hengda must accept the reality, in the lost Paulinho can introduce other foreign aid alternative scenarios, how to keep on the impact of four trophies.

From the team structure, Paulinho is undoubtedly the most important Hengda array player, he scored in the decisive game in the long key also proved this point. Scolari is bound to make adjustments. Submit a few days ago Hengda AFC Champions League tournament entry on the list, Paulinho also impressively, but before August 15th, Hengda must put Paulinho removed, Muriqui is in good shape after the change of regression.

Scolari confirmed today in the Super League before the conference, Paulinho tomorrow will not participate in the game against Jianye Hengda home court. August 10th away 3 to 0 victory over Liaoning's Super League, is the last game Paulinho for Evergrande effect.

Hengda players of poly Niaobushe, but the basic understanding said about his departure. A and Paulinho worked two player said: "the strength of the team will be damaged, but even so, as many brothers spent two years, I hope he can go. This is the meaning of life opportunities, needless to say, this is Basa."

The impact of Hengda four time winner of the goal will not change, leave Paulinho, will stimulate the players to come up with a better state to overcome the difficulties. The last few games, "the new aid Muriqui showed his strength. A rival player said: "he will recover, will be very good. His ability is very good, this type is what we need."

Since June 2015, after joining from Tottenham, Paulinho Hengda as the core, led the team won two Super League champions, 1 times, 1 times champion AFC Champions League FA Cup champion, two time super bowl champion. Although not got in MVP, but many fans in mind, he is a real super MVP.

Paulinho joined and meant more than Barcelona: Hengda year 14 million euros to introduce Paulinho, now sold 40 million euros, net profit of 26 million euros. The introduction of Barcelona Paulinho, one level, but also on the quality of that two years of super league.