Premier Rooney to return the first ball Everton opener Ying 1-0 Storck City

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Premier Rooney to return the first ball Everton opener Ying 1-0 Storck City

2017-08-13 00:47:34 136 ℃

August 12th's live news Beijing time at 22:00 on August 12th, the new Premier League season first round match at Goodison Park, Everton home court against Storck city. Rooney in the first half stoppage time header in the second half, both teams failed to rewrite the score, the final Everton home court 1-0 victory over Storck City, Rooney scored after the return of the first ball race.

Everton last season ranked seventh in the league this summer, toffee in the transfer market off the signings storm, Rooney and other seven players into the team. The city of Storck last season ranked thirteenth, the team in the summer window into the former West Brom captain Darren Fletcher. First, the first all - Kean, Peake Ford, Michael klasen, Sandro and Rooney five toffee new signings, Storck city and new signing Fletcher Zuma on loan from the start.

Fourth minutes Storck cross from the left, Peake Ford to attack the ball out of the area. Ninth minutes, Joe - Allen a small Zhise, Diouf restricted the right foot pass like shooting the ball by pickfoud denied the bottom line.

13 minutes, Rooney restricted back the ball, Sandro got the ball after the edge of the area hit the door wide column. For 15 minutes the door was blocked by a defender bojan. 20 minutes gaje outside the area shot by the keeper.

24 minutes before Rooney out on the left corner, before the point guards not far, then Gaye the long-range kick wide of the post.

35 minutes Diouf outside the area hit the door wide column. The first half both sides more in the middle of strangulation, several new signings with Everton before very unfamiliar, Storck city also failed to create good scoring opportunities.

First minutes of stoppage time ahead of Everton, Sandro frontier closed area, Levin right pass, Rooney header to keep up with the villain, Bart Rand blaze less than 1-0, leading to everton!

After the end of the first half, Everton temporarily lead 1-0.

Easy side battles 46 minutes Berahino long-range kick wide of the post. 54 minutes Rooney zhisai, Levin on the right speed plug after the door was blocked by flying Zuma.

61 minutes, Levin in the restricted area of the header crossbar. 65 minutes after the Levin front Fanqiang area small angle shot by Bart Rand Yong letter.

73 minutes Storck cross from the left, pickfoud's attack almost mistakes. Barb Choupo Moting hit the door 75 minutes did not play a positive part.

79 minutes Storck in the box to create chaos, but a side hook of choupo moting hit the door was whistled for a dangerous action. 85 minutes Crouch area Qiangdian hit the door was blocked by a defender.

Third minutes of stoppage time midfield ball Sacchi a dart, then his left foot shot from pickfoud Dan to palm out of the bottom line, 4 minutes of stoppage time after the end of the game, Everton in the final 1-0 victory over Storck City ushered in the opener home court.

Everton line-up: 1- pickfoud; 5- Ashley - Williams (46 '15- 4- Michael, Marty) - Kean 6-, Jagielka 29-, Schneider 2-; Levin 17-, 3- Bynes, Lin gaje, 20- klasen (60 "36- Tom - Davies 9- Sandro (77);" Lalas Rooney 10-, 11- m)

The city of Storck line-up: 1- Bart Rand; 3- Peters, 6- Zuma, 17- shocr Ross and 20- Cameron; 24- Fletcher, 4- Choallen; 27- (72 "10-" choupo moting), 22- 18- 9- Sacchi, Diouf; Berahino (72 '25- Crouch)

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