The German Cup - Lavon scored two of Ribery was shot in Bayern 5-0 Chemnitz

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The German Cup - Lavon scored two of Ribery was shot in Bayern 5-0 Chemnitz

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August 12th's live news Beijing time at 21:30 on August 12th, the German Cup first round, Bayern away to Chemnitz. The first half of the Lavon free kick to break the deadlock. The second half assists Ribery Koeman continue to expand the score, Lavon scored two, Ribery also kick at the last moment, Hummel J header accomplishment, the icing on the cake. Finally, the Bayern Munich 5-0 away victory over Chemnitz, the German Cup second round of promotion.

Last week the German Super Cup Bayern won the first crown Dortmund penalties victory over the season, a record low this summer warm-up match. Next week the Bundesliga will rekindle the flames of war, a number of Bayern players gradually come out from injury. Chemnitz is the third league team, the new season four League 1 wins, 1 draws and 2 defeats, ranked twelfth, the two sides had no record of the confrontation, but the referee of this game is the Bundesliga history's first female referee Steinhaus.

After the opening of the Chemnitz is very strong, but in front of the enemy were unable to Hummel J and suehler. Second minutes, supporting agile suddenly pick right up front door, outflanking Lavon leaping header, but the ball over the crossbar. After a minute, the ball forward into the left bottom near the cross knock, but no teammates to outflank. Seventh minutes, Muller ball on the right, pass in the restricted area Koeman kick Coons was bailed out, Muller was shot up again outside the goalkeeper.

Thirteenth minutes, Lavon outside the area down, Lavon won a free kick, a rescue area within a grab ball was blocked. Eighteenth minutes, Hummel J came to the front foot straight penetrated defense to find the area of Lavon, but the goalkeeper the ball confiscated. After a minute, the top of the arc near the Bayern free kick, Lavon free kick, the ball through the wall to change line ball into the net, 1-0!

Twenty-fourth minutes, Chemnitz left long before the ball teammate fast track but was suehler who stuck out. Thirtieth minutes, Ribery took the ball in the referee was met, then front after continuous transmission with rivals to catch Lavon but was knocked down under the knee bleeding.

Thirty-fourth minutes, Ribery pass in the left lane, Lavon header, but the goalkeeper the ball hit single punch. Chemnitz Bayern offensive backcourt swing coach, has been unable to expand the score. Thirty-eighth minutes, Rudy Musamuel, the latter directly to long shots blocked. Fortieth minutes, Hummel J ball, directly supporting agile lofted.

Forty-second minutes, Ribery sent Zhise, Kimich ball to the box or higher. After a minute, Bayern outside the area once again won the free kick, Muller fake shaking, Lavon pass, Muller Lavon follow direct shot at tapping, but the ball over the crossbar.

Forty-fifth minutes, Muller ball, Corman and Hummel J with box jumped down, Koeman Qiangdian hit the door above. Moyes, Ribery Koeman right long transfer, not stopping direct volley shot, but the ball is behind the door but a goalkeeper.

Half of Harding Park, Bayern 1-0 Chemnitz temporarily.

Easy side battles, Coleman ball, Muller top direct long-range side flapping goalkeeper was quickly resolve.

Fiftieth minutes, Flan right after the rapid advance of the ball, the ball near the bottom line and trinks suehler for a foul. Fifty-first minutes, Rudi ball Bayern quick counterattack, Ribery left the large-scale transfer to Kerman, the latter ball into the right side of the penalty area volley, 2-0!

Fifty-fourth minutes, Rudi on the right side before the free kick, the edge of the area shot saved by Coons corman. Then left Chemnitz quick counterattack, pass in the restricted area after the first team did not grab second trinks follow-up shot was suehler ground blocked. Fifty-ninth minutes, Lavon ball, Muller ball was to follow up. Sixtieth minutes, Bayern continuous front kick the ball, supporting agile kimmich inclined plug, cross knock, Lavon road outflank door easily push Kongmen score, 3-0!

Sixty-fourth minutes long war Robben bench. Sixty-seventh minutes, supporting agile top shot by the keeper. Seventieth minutes, Alabbar pass, Lavon back the ball to knock, Coleman shot blocked. Seventy-fifth minutes, Robben and Muller with the ball after the right, kimmich cross restricted, but the defensive player Ribery rush in before the ball out. Seventy-sixth minutes, Vidal ball, Robben volley but did not get the power to follow up.

Then Chemnitz Road on the left bottom fast ball after the small angle shot was confiscated Uhl Reich. Seventy-ninth minutes, Ribery hit a arc free kick, the ball over the wall to draw beautiful arc break, 4-0!

Eighty-second minutes, Bayern left out of the penalty area to set pieces, suehler header, but the goalkeeper timely response side to throw the ball off.

Eighty-eighth minutes, Robben ball to the front after the cut foot volley, the ball hit the defensive player off.Eighty-ninth minutes, Robben right corner, Hummel J in the restricted area of leaping header, 5-0!

Finally, the Bayern Munich 5-0 away victory over Chemnitz, the German Cup second round of promotion.

Booking information: 19 "5- 57" Bernd Rees 19- Rudi

The first list;

Chemnitz (3-5-2): 22- Coons / 18- Trapp 5- Rees 31- / 14- Koch Schaefer Undok 6- Reinhard 13- L Te Neck 10- Aydin (69 '25- 7- (Groat Murri Nikov J Ki) 28 "9- Lin Kors) Han Shi 24- / 11- Vladimir larne

Bayern, Munich (4-2-3-1): 26- Uhl Reich / 13- rafinha (64 '27- Alabbar) 5- Hummel J 4- suehler 32- / 19- Rudi kimmich (70' 23- 24- supporting agile / 7- Vidal) Ribery 25- Muller 29- Coleman / 9- Lewandowski (64 '10- Robben)

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