The German Cup - aubame hat Dortmund 4-0 victory over Singan Aaron lira

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The German Cup - aubame hat Dortmund 4-0 victory over Singan Aaron lira

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On August 12th news broadcast at 21:30 tonight, the first round of the German Cup kicks off, Singan Aaron home court against Dortmund. Baltra opener, Philip made the point, Aubameyang point to expand the score, easy side battles, Aubameyang scored two goals, win. Ultimately, Dortmund 4-0 win lira Singan Aaron, qualify for the German Cup second round.

The game Dortmund sent all the main line-up, because in Dembele incident, did not enter into the team list. And the opponent is from a lower league team, the strength of the general.

The first half of the game with a whistle kicked off the opening stage, Dortmund massive pressure on the offensive pressure, manufacturing.

12 minutes, Philip cross knock, follow up baltra foot shot into the net, Dortmund 1-0!

16 minutes, Piszczek curve ball, in front of area schurrle volley was blocked. 26 minutes, Victor hade a small area on the left to get the ball, a slap shot was blocked.

32 minutes, up hood instigated the attack, a small frontier closed area teammate volley was blocked. 39 minutes, Philip in the restricted area was down, the referee awarded a penalty kick, Aubameyang overnight, Dortmund 2-0!

In stoppage time, the two sides had no contribution, the score of 2-0 maintained to the end of the half.

Easy side battles the second half, 47 minutes, Aubameyang in front cross restricted follow schurrle volley into the net, but unfortunately offside, the goal is invalid. 49 minutes, kicker Best pass, Aubameyang headed back to the far corner, the ball was the goalkeeper hit the bottom line.

56 minutes, Dortmund circle arc send accurate straight plug, plug in the front left Aubameyang got the ball forward, facing the goalkeeper a free from Dortmund, 3-0!

65 minutes, Best curve ball, Philip restricted the right of small sideways volley, the ball struck the column to the bottom line.

79 minutes of hood cross restricted small restricted the right of Aubameyang straight out, a rub shot to the far corner of the goal, the score was rewritten as 4-0!

86 minutes, up to the hood and his teammates to cooperate, to the front road Castro, get the ball after a shooting, the ball was goalkeeper.

The end of the game, Dortmund 4-0 victory over Singan Aaron.

The two sides lineup:

Dortmund starting: 38- Burki, 5- 25-, Papa Stathopoulos 26-, Piszczek baltra, Philip 20- (84 "36- Pacella J), 27- Castro, 24- Best and 8- Shaheen (71 '14- Isaacs), 19- of 21-, schurrle hood (60" 23- Kagawa Shinji), 17- Aubameyang

Leela Sin Gen Aaron: Close 1-, Becky 25- (73 "4-, 6-, 19- Litwin) Colin Strauss, 7-, Matt, 27- byeloy 18-, 20-, 11-, Nie stark, 17-, 22-, winter birch Lessing Chomsky

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