Women's volleyball team number one throw will eventually make up for the Olympic Games regret! 28 year old champion captain counterattack in the end?

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Women's volleyball team number one throw will eventually make up for the Olympic Games regret! 28 year old champion captain counterattack in the end?

2017-09-11 13:54:56 273 ℃

At the moment when she won the women's grand champion cup, Ceng Chunlei smiled again. This smiling girl, at this moment the smile is particularly bright, but also make people feel infinite sense.

Great champions league

How many did the champion make up for the loss of the Olympic Games?. Remember a year ago, because of injuries, he was defeated at the last minute of the Rio olympics. She is also known as the women's volleyball team's Pearl, a lot of people for her losing baobuping.

Giving up Ceng Chunlei was a tough decision for Lang. But for the women's volleyball team, that was the best choice. As a member of the women's volleyball team, Ceng Chunlei has no complaints about the decision of the team. She has firmly supported the Chinese women's volleyball team despite the loss of the Rio olympics.

Women's volleyball Champions League Cup number one pick up

However, such a 28 year old veteran, after the defeat of the Olympic Games, choose to continue to go on, really difficult. As we all know, last season's women's volleyball league tournament also encountered the most difficult period of life. Thailand foreign Jiatipeng led no party, Ceng Chunlei was relegated to the bench, did not even have the chance to play. Beijing women's record is no improvement, the team missed the semi-finals early.

However, Ceng Chunlei did not give up, in the summer she played volleyball is a beautiful story. The National Games, Ceng Chunlei was first in the preliminaries team defeated the Jiangsu women's volleyball team into the final stage. In the finals, the Beijing women's volleyball team took the third place under the leadership of the Chinese women's volleyball team.

Perfect rebirth this summer

Perfect the rebirth of the spring bud in Lang guide personally mobilization, return to the women's volleyball team. In the big Championship Cup, the woman has become the absolute main force of the women volleyball team's support position. The face of the United States women's volleyball team, after a lapse of more than a year to return to the first show of women's volleyball, Wang is king's return. The former champion of the women's volleyball team, spiking 25 times, scored 10 points, the attack success rate of 40%, blocking 1 points, serve 2 points, a total of 13 points. In addition, in the first pass, the defense also very robust.

Women volleyball No. fourth

Five games down, Zhu Ting, and Yuan Xinyue had become Zhang Changning, women's volleyball fourth scorer. She got a total of 52 points, including spiking 42 points, blocking 6 points, serving 4 points. On the defensive side, she completed 61 defensive positions, 27 in place and fourth in the team. A pick, had completed 56 times, 25 times in the same place, the team is fourth.

Will she repeat Yan Ni's inspiring stories?

This kind of performance will help her to stand firm in the women's volleyball team. At present, women's volleyball competition position, she should have been in the lead position. Although Gong Xiangyu has won the Olympic champion, he has exposed many shortcomings in the international arena. Yang Fangxu is still looking back to the stage of the state, and as for the new Qian Jingwen, want to take over, has a longer way to go. But Ceng Chunlei still did not give up a chance to improve yourself, then she went to Europe to open career, liuyang. Could the 28 year old veteran repeat a story like Yan Ni? Rub one's eyes and wait。