Ning Zetao low-key public service, 8 million fans + Korea first beauty dumping, 2 Gold King returns

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Ning Zetao low-key public service, 8 million fans + Korea first beauty dumping, 2 Gold King returns

2017-09-12 20:36:14 185 ℃

Ning Zetao low-key public service, 8 million fans + Korea first beauty dumping, 2 Gold King returns

Willow comprehensive observation

The Sun Yang pool continued to work wonders, while Ning Zetao made a low-key public interest.

After winning the Thirteenth National Games 6 gold 1 silver, Sun Yang moved to the Thirteenth National Student Games, continue to dominate the pool, he won the men's 200 meter freestyle champion and the men's 400 meter freestyle champion. Among them, the 400 meter freestyle champion's 3 points, 43 seconds, 76 results, even if put to two months ago at the Budapest World Championships, is still champion.

As a matter of fact, besides Sun Yang, the athletes from Fu Fu and even half of the national swimming teams have come. Ning Zetao, who has not yet returned to the national team, is taking part in another very meaningful event.

This morning, Ning Zetao attended the launching ceremony for the charity rescue of the poor children with congenital heart disease in Henan, sponsored by the China Youth Development Foundation and the Communist Youth League Henan Provincial Committee and the new China children's heart disease fund.

Activity scene, Ning Zetao said home Zhengzhou, here is my family, is born, I raised my place, with thanksgiving heart, hoping to do something for his hometown. Public welfare will make people better. Visiting sick children and donating operating expenses, including the gratitude for the hometown and the society, is also a very important step in the process of fulfilling the public dream and realizing self.

All along, Ning Zetao is very concerned about and actively participate in public welfare undertakings, 21-22 October last year, Ning Zetao in Shanghai participated in 2 days of public welfare activities. 21, the rain went to the university campus and students dialogue, "good is a manifestation of beauty", 22, went to Shanghai Fudan children's hospital to visit congenital heart disease, to help more children to restore health.

Last year, the Olympic Games, Ning Zetao because of various reasons to play out of shape, the 100 meter freestyle semifinal defeat, the 50 meter freestyle preliminaries only ranked thirtieth, missed the semi-finals.

Then, after the Olympic Games, he experienced a lot, but he was not discouraged, and finally won the 100 meter freestyle and the 50 meter freestyle 2 gold medals in the National Games, showing the return of the king of the game.

Do your best to help others, just for the public good, love transmission.

Ning Zetao has used his strength to prove himself, and he also uses public service to save his image. With such efforts and a positive desire to restore images, this is why 8 million fans love Ning Zetao.

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