Women's volleyball Champions Cup five opponents, to see how they praise Ju Ting is too strong

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Women's volleyball Champions Cup five opponents, to see how they praise Ju Ting is too strong

2017-09-12 21:22:17 138 ℃

The day before the end of the Chinese women's Volleyball Grand Champions Cup, with five matches, losing only four innings of the strong performance of the smooth ascent. Especially in the team's number one star Zhu Ting, become each team's nightmare. In the 5 game, Zhu Ting scored 100 points, averaging 20 points, including 88 spiking, 7 blocks and 5 serve points, with 55.35% spiking success at the top of the list, and deserved to be named MVP and the best attacker.

Chinese women's volleyball team won the five World Cup

Especially the women's volleyball team China Zhu Ting's heroics, service five big Champions League opponents. After the game, both Pakistan and two. Or host Japan, or swept South Korea, Russia, have lost the world especially in women's volleyball sincerely convinced, the first main Zhu Ting repeatedly praise, worship worship.

Women's volleyball team reversed the United States first battle

The first to win the first game, lost three was reversed by the United States, Captain Lloyd said: "the results disappoint me, Chinese team played very well, but we didn't play a proper level, we need to do better next." Players Larson said that the United States women's volleyball combination of old and new, but also need to run in.

The Brazil women's volleyball idol Zhu Tingcheng, Gaby self excited

Tiebreaker 10-5 lead, but was Chinese team 19-17 comeback in Brazil, with the main game after no solution to Zhu Ting bluntly: "in fact, we have today in the third inning, all played very well, but Chinese team Zhu Ting, in the final stage of our attacks on her no way." It should be said that Gaby's words very in place. In the fifth game between China and Pakistan, Zhu Ting scored 11 points in 19 points for the Chinese team, which directly controlled the outcome.

South Korea was completely stunned

The three only 30 points, Second Bureau Zhu Ting 16 bursts, down 0-15, 4-25 defeated South Korea, combat thoroughly beaten senseless. Coach hong Seung Jin said: "we lost to China's height and strength. This competition reminds us again that the Chinese women's volleyball team is the highest and strongest team in the world."

Is China team 3-0 swept away after the 70 year old Russian coach Cruz Ute Kim, said: "I was too strong Chinese team this time at the China team all the games, I was impressed by them so well, Chinese team is not only the ability of the players, Zhu Ting is very strong, there are a lot of young players. They come up with a complete lineup, impressive. "

Japanese coach Momoka Kumi was crying after the game

In Japan is famous for its tenacity, after the defeat of coach Momoka Kumi was crying, said "Chinese team this face height and strength, the players are the best, but the strength is not enough, sometimes we almost lost will continue to work hard......". Obviously, Momoka Kumi mental shadow area is too large, has been playing without confidence. "How should we stop Zhu Ting?"" Suffer from Japanese reporters without bidding, the China team beat Russia, even eager to the Russian women's volleyball coach Ziyou tejin library threw out this problem. But he is clearly not too many ways. Otherwise, why would Russia be willing to lose the three inning by zero?

Zhu Ting abruptly hit Brazil

In the United States, Brazil, Russia and Japan have sent the strongest line-up, the Chinese team won the grand championship, can be described as full of gold content. From the actual data, Chinese team five games, scoring three hair clasp blocking links, do not lose every opponent, failure to send points are less than the opponent, such data could not win the game, the five opponents naturally sincerely convinced.

Of course, some fans will say that Serbia, Italy and Holland are missing, and that the Chinese team won the championship is not convincing. This seems plausible, but actually biased. In fact, Italy plug three Dutch team, has its own weakness, the overall strength not strong Bimeiba teams where. On the actual performance of women's volleyball team in the big Champions League, even if the Italian team participated in the competition, it is impossible to stop the pace of the Chinese team, the final champion must belong to the powerful Chinese women's volleyball team!