The goalkeeper suspended into Hong Kong AFC Champions League weakness, Boas or arrange his derby hand

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The goalkeeper suspended into Hong Kong AFC Champions League weakness, Boas or arrange his derby hand

2017-09-15 18:31:33 189 ℃

After Tuesday's AFC Champions League thrilling promotion, Shanghai port will be in this weekend in the twenty-fifth round at home court usher in the local derby with Shanghai Shenhua, which for just 120 minutes to dispatch and Hengda plus Hong Kong shootout, both physically and in the spirit of the state are at the lowest point, the more don't just take a rest of 3 days and is facing a powerhouse in the Shenhua strength should not be underestimated. In Hong Kong, not only this week to face Shenhua next week away to Beijing Guoan, followed by AFC Champions League and Urawa gongzuan East finals, 3 days later will again go to Guangzhou and Evergrande FA Cup semi-final second leg, 18 days to play 5 games, both a kind of torture for a player or team staff, not to mention the four opponents no one can easily deal with.

Of course, although on the road with a penalty shootout to the AFC Champions League adventure into the East finals, but the Hong Kong lose three players in the game, the team defender John Wang Shenchao was sent off in the final moments, he used to replace the suspended for Wang Jiajie earlier to eat red card was sent off, but also because the goalkeeper Yan Junling the penalty shootout contest was the referee produced a yellow card suspension, which makes him a total of two yellow cards will be drilled in the first round of the match against Urawa red. This also let the weak rotation on the Hong Kong face enormous challenges, although Wang Shenchao and Wang Jiajie suspended, but he used the main defender and Fu Huan lifted back can bear responsibility, but in the goalkeeper position, Boas had to choose the two team goalkeeper at the age of 27, sun yue.

Although Sun Le is 27 years old, but as the Hong Kong two goalkeeper has never been what chance, to remove the reserve team competition, since the 2014 season that he hasn't won the league debut this season, but his season only a formal contest in May 10th this year, the sixth round of AFC Champions League group phase Shanghai, Hong Kong against western Sydney Rangers game, that game he guarded the door was 3 times the opponent ripped, also let the Hong Kong 2:3 opponents. Back in May 3, 2016, the same is AFC Champions League group phase, the Hong Kong Shanghai away in Suwon Samsung, the game was still his opponent three times against the gate, also let the Hong Kong 0:3 lost the match. This is his only two years of competition in recent years, but also his only AFC memory, can not say that the AFC Champions League, Sun Le's minimum spending is three balls? That's a joke, but the old player in Shanghai, East Asia, is not so reassuring.

The next two league matches against Shenhua and the national security, Boas is likely to carry out substantial rotation, the first is to allow Oscar, Hulk, Ahmad Dov and Wu Lei can get a good rest, an important game to prepare for the next FA Cup and AFC Champions League decide the fate of the two; secondly, it can help the long war El Eriksson, Carvalho found the game feel for the next heavy competition task can have a reasonable lineup of; at the same time for two goalkeeper Sun Yue, he also needs to strengthen the sense of smell in front of the door by two league, formed a tacit understanding so that it will not only in the AFC Champions League game and his teammates problems with teammates lead the team's goal, and even defeat. It can be said that Hong Kong is far less than the thickness of the lineup Hengda, which has become their is powerless in the face of multi line operations, which requires coach Boas dare to enable new, rather than passive use, if a little careless slip and wrong Xiebei AFC Champions League, lest his fate will be the same with the former Shenhua boss Poyet.