Three players will clean the windows: Western media Basadong violence will become the backbone of the bird

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Three players will clean the windows: Western media Basadong violence will become the backbone of the bird

2017-09-15 18:31:49 269 ℃

He's still adapting to Barcelona's system

Beijing time on September 15th, according to Spanish media, "football player" reported that Barcelona coach Valverde plans to clean the current window in the current very bloated midfielder, 3 midfielder will be cleaned.

The summer transfer window, Barcelona's action, after Neymar's departure, including the introduction of the Barcelona and Paul Linio Dembele new aid strength etc.. However, Barcelona players did not clean up well, which led to the current lineup slightly bloated. The midfield is particularly crowded. At the moment, Barcelona, including Barcelona, have up to 9 midfielders and only 3 in the starting line-up.

"Soccer gentleman" said Valverde, Barcelona coach of the existing lineup was "tens", some of the players who have been on his "black list" will be purged in the winter window.

Among these, Barcelona striker currently has 5 players, Messi, Suarez and Dembele will be the main de Ukraine, Luofeiwu and Paco as a substitute. He joined Barcelona after the performance has not reached the expected, is not even a qualified replacement. "Football" Mr. said, if not in the winter window before he took out a convincing performance, so he would have been cleaning.

Foreign media coverage screenshot

"The focus is on the midfield transformation," said the footballer. "Among the 9 players, Busquets and the new champions will be the backbone of Barcelona's midfield and their position is very solid.". 3 of the 6 players, including Rakiti, Iniesta and Gomes, will be washed.

Among these, Turan will certainly leave Barcelona this summer, originally wanted to send him a window, but at the last moment the Turks refused to return to the earth; after joining Gomes has been underperforming, he is likely to have been cleaning; rafinha currently injured out his own position for the current is not satisfied, offered to leave. In addition, Sergi Roberto of the new season has appeared in the right back position, the bottom right back Vidal will leave.

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