Three years ago it was cursed, Tianjin Yili today to avoid relegation almost impossible

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Three years ago it was cursed, Tianjin Yili today to avoid relegation almost impossible

2017-09-16 09:44:09 134 ℃

Last night, the twenty-fifth round of Super League advance after a game, the Tianjin team at home court Yili 1 5 defeat in the Changchun Team Yatai feet. The result of losing the game is that the standings may be surpassed by Yanbian, leading to the bottom, and may be relegation opponents Liaoning team to expand the lead. Thus, Tianjin Yili team to achieve relegation, is extremely dangerous.

Not to the end of the race, angry fans began shouting at their team, and even direct rolling". In fact, Tianjin Yili team reduced to today's pain grandmother uncle does not love it, don't blame the players, really can not blame the Tianjin fans snob. Because, three years ago, the club rejected Sun Ke event, it has booked a downgrade today.

When the beam Yuhui is very bold in 66 million the first domestic price forced the sun can be poached from Jiangsu sainty, took him to Tianjin teda. Although the TEDA Club fear his ambition not wrong, afraid he will be in control of the club and let those people who used to eat a big sleep. But then I believe Yuhui inside beam, more is to borrow TEDA hype their corporate reputation.

However, when the sun can lead to TEDA, beam Yuhui spent 66 million points of the sun can be free to play ball, the sun can be deeply sorry Shu Yuhui, in order not to let their speculation transfer season don't play in a fit of pique under investment attracted a joke, then Tianjin Songjiang team.

From that time, watching the team half-dead days every year, mixed every year, every year by the media denounced TEDA team, for their own power, for their own position, some people do not give money, there are good players coming to. Therefore, when the fans in Tianjin circle, began a lot of curse, that is such a lazy TEDA team should downgrade, sooner or later.

At that time, in the eyes of too many Tianjin fans, the curse of TEDA relegation reason is nothing more than. A, TEDA team itself each season of limited funding, a beam Yuhui so generous, why people don't give money to strengthen the team? Sun Ke was a local celebrity, strength and speed are so obvious to people, reinforcements to join, why not?

The second point is, looking at the TEDA team for their own Yuhui beam refused to invest, refused to sun, watching the beam steering Yuhui investment in Tianjin Songjiang. Looking at the courage of the gang, then there are too many Tianjin fans look forward to, the new Tianjin right health will soon be super success, once they rushed to the super, all the love to transfer to the right there. At that time, the hearts of Tianjin fans were just a kind of anger and resentment.

But Tianjin fans did not expect that, the Tianjin right team under the leadership of Cannavaro, but also really successful. A beam is still looking at the Yuhui so heroic in club, looked at before the season the club continue to introduce reinforcements. In fact, the season has not started, Tianjin Yili team is almost an orphan. Because they have not been in Tianjin fans. At that time, Tianjin fans began to look forward to, the Tianjin Derby, the right to health can put Yili down.

So, Tianjin Yili team today to the point, in fact, three years ago to three years ago, had been booked. Moreover, even more at the club is desperate, refused to put Yuhui beam, refused to let the team under the sun, see the club without attitude, and the idea of dawdle.

So players who are ambitious and eager to make progress are disappointed with the club's behaviour. So, from the beginning of last season, Tianjin Yili team started struggling against relegation, because the people scattered. Last season narrowly avoided relegation, the club at the beginning of this season not only did not timely remedy, nor timely comfort, but did not take a positive step to cheer up. So, it's not surprising that the season is tough.

Although compared to the Liaoning team and the Yanbian team, Tianjin Yili team have a makeup advantage, but that one of the war, but it is just the city, trying to shock AFC Champions League qualification of the right to health. At that time, Tianjin Yili expect them go right Jianfang impossible. Therefore, after losing the game, lost the morale and confidence of the Yili team, almost can be said to have booked a relegation places.