Ramsey, center column, Lewis, red, Chelsea 0-0 Arsenal

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Ramsey, center column, Lewis, red, Chelsea 0-0 Arsenal

2017-09-18 00:41:03 251 ℃

Tiger flapping September 17th hearing, Beijing time on September 17th evening, 20:302017-18 season Premier League fifth round of the finale of the war will be at the Standford Bridge Stadium, Chelsea at home against arsenal. In the first half, Ramsey hit the column. In the second half, Lewis went off the red. In the end, 10 of Chelsea's 0-0 home draw with arsenal.

The top four Harding Park, Chelsea won 3 wins and 1 losses Record 9 points, ranked third. Arsenal had a record of 2 wins and 2 losses, with 6 points in the Eleventh place. The Arsenal bridge in Standford's record is very general, Wenger's team in the last team to win the premier victory in October 2011, when they were with Van Persie's hat trick to win 5-3. Chelsea in the first round of the Premier League defeat to Burnley, but later won a three game winning streak, and climbed to number third in the Premier League, Conti, certainly the goal is to win, and then get a Premier League four wins.

Third minutes in the first half, Pedro has the opportunity to execute in the restricted area arc without hesitation before the kicker completed the game's first shot, but the angle is too much to get directly by Cech.

Seventh minutes, Lacazette and Mose in a scraping knees hit the knee, then Mose fell to the ground can not afford the doctor admitted due to having a brief treatment. Sixteenth minutes, with the speed of Beilailin right away Marcos Alonso right pass, Welbeck inside the area but also timely headed back to the far corner off.

Seventeenth minutes, Beilailin once again launched an attack right inverted triangle cross, Lacazette inside the area Qiangdian hit the door blocked by Courtois directly after hold close.

Twentieth minutes, Cora Cena F left the ball outside, long-range kick high quality was at Lengjian forced Courtois out sideways.

Just 1 minutes later, Fabregas grabbed the Arsenal defense gap straight behind, helping Pedro form a single pole, but the adjustment time is too long, low shot was Cech blocked with his legs.

Thirty-second minutes, Lacazette ball Zacca, the remote peripheral fired power fast but failed to hit the target out slightly.

Forty-first minutes, Ramsey stumbled into the restricted area, the adjustment of the back of David Lewis's defensive tackle barely hit the door hit the right upright.

Half of Harding Park, Chelsea home court 0-0 temporary flat arsenal.

Easy side battles the second half. Forty-fifth minutes, the first half when Pedro was there for Bakayoko, strengthen the midfield. Fifty-second minutes, David Lewis in the restricted area of the barbs hit the door a kick in the head of Koscielny, with high heels booked.

Sixtieth minutes, Fabregas left the free kick opportunity, pass to William, who broke into the restricted area after cut right foot hit the door wide.

Sixty-sixth minutes, Sanchez squad for cazettes drop. 3 minutes later, Zal replaced the mediocre William. Seventy-third minutes, Welbeck and David Lewis had a strained left thigh muscle was unable to adhere to Giroux substituted. Seventy-fifth minutes, Arsenal got a good free kick on the right position, Mustafi was offside, and the header scored one goal and was disallowed.

Seventy-ninth minutes after the first time, Zal debut ball break line of area, in the endo hit the door after Cech got directly.

Eighty-seventh minutes, David Lewis along the right ball, in the face of Cora Cena F's defensive tackles each other but positive light sole, the referee Oliver think is a dangerous action direct red card penalty Lewis.

In the end, 10 of Chelsea's 0-0 home draw with arsenal.

Starting Line-up:

Chelsea (3-4-3): 13- /24- 30- Lewis, Cahill Courtois, 28- azpilicueta /3- Marcos Alonso, 7- Kanter, 4- Fabregas, 15- Mose /11- Pedro (45'14- Bakayoko), 22- William (69'10-, Zal), 9- Morata (89'27- Christensen)

A Senna (3-4-3): 33- Cech, /18- Monreal, 6- 20- Mustafi /31- Cora Cena F koscielny, 8-, Ramsey, 29- 24- /17- Beilailin Zacca, iwobi (80'35- El Hei Ni), Welbeck 23- (74'12- Giroux), 9- Lakazete (66'7- Sanchez)