The Hong Kong Wing hard lash the waves, no longer copy Evergrande, they can go it alone?

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The Hong Kong Wing hard lash the waves, no longer copy Evergrande, they can go it alone?

2017-09-18 09:25:34 180 ℃

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A 6 to 1 Derby massacre, could make the team on the day a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment, but Shanghai on the Hong Kong team but one man has nothing to do with this, and that is that the Taobao team in the past transfer from Hengda El Eriksson, because when he was outside the park. Why did the former first striker, who was willing to pay a lot of money to dig, fell into the hands of Boas for two consecutive important matches without getting any chance to play? According to the analysis of mentality of a scheming bitch think, Shanghai on the Hong Kong team with a stunning performance lash the waves, Hulk, thought the wings, no longer need Hengda script, can go it alone.

Remember, the original Taobao team Hengda Zachu heavy news, it is not what the introduction of reinforcements, but his AFC Champions League striker El Kessen to Shanghai on the Hong Kong team. At that time, Hengda Taobao team's statement, is to support the brothers team playing the AFC Champions League game, there is a kind of Lei Feng spirit.

Moreover, Sun Xiang would return to Shanghai, Conca also came back from Brazil to Shanghai. At that time, in the eyes of public opinion, Shanghai port team is to copy Hengda mode, want to play in the AFC Champions league. In fact, AFC Champions League rookie season in Shanghai on the Hong Kong team also really good performance, if not the accident Conca who can say, Hong Kong will be eliminated South Koreans?

It can be said that although at that time, the Hong Kong team is difficult to challenge the Hengda, but on the whole, the Hong Kong team has the card, Aishen and Sun Xiang the three Hengda old will join, progress is very large, also shows a certain technical and tactical ability.

However, because all the Conca injured, Shanghai on the Hong Kong team introduced the Hulk after the change. Today, the new season in the Hulk under the leadership of Shanghai on the Hong Kong team on three fronts with constant yelling on board, and just in the end of the AFC Champions League Eastern semi-final, the Taobao team Hengda thriller out. FA Cup semi-final first round and 2 to 1 lead.

Therefore, the present Shanghai upper harbor team appears energetic, also starts to be arrogant. In several popular Hulk shows, has been down since that Hengda, began to deliberately get rid of Hengda factors. And elk is the last remaining factor.

If the first leg of the derby with Hengda AFC Champions League the second half was put on El Eriksson, is to strengthen the offensive pressure on the defense. Then, the trip to Guangzhou, Boas and El Eriksson on the bench, and was almost reversed under the condition of Hengda comeback, El Eriksson will not give a minute chance, that is more that, the Hong Kong team in the promotion of the road, to begin to erase the Hengda factors. Because the elimination of Hengda Taobao team, the Hong Kong team in Shanghai can be proud of that, and they then qualify Hengda promotions to El eriksson.

When the AFC Champions League eliminated rival Taobao team, the strength of the port is finally enough. Therefore, now in Hong Kong's eyes, the eyes of Boas, has no need of El Eriksson, they rely on Hulk Oscar Medoff enough.

I just remind the Hong Kong team in Shanghai, don't erase early aierkesen, want to advance in the Eastern Conference finals AFC Champions League, will have to continue to rely on El eriksson. You know, since the start of the season, in the AFC Champions League arena, El Eriksson has Hong Kong played 9 games, scored 4 goals, especially the elimination of Jiangsu Suning team, El Eriksson scored decisive.

At the same time, in the league this season, El Eriksson has also been on the Hong Kong team played 16 games, scored 10 goals, the efficiency is very high. In particular, a goal to beat Jiangsu, Su Ning team all 3 points of the game, it is priceless. If there is no aierkesen that goal in the League on the Hong Kong team can now despair.

Lash the waves, don't think out to burn the bridge after crossing it, Hengda Taobao team, you can go it alone. AFC Champions League stadium with El Eriksson, the Hong Kong Promotion to grasp more.