Raid 73 meters up to 35 kilometers per hour! Baer copied God at that moment Zidane stayed to see

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Raid 73 meters up to 35 kilometers per hour! Baer copied God at that moment Zidane stayed to see

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According to "Marca" reported that Real Madrid star Baer in the game against Real Sociedad scored a fantastic goal of overtaking, more surprising is Baer his sprint when reaching a top speed of 35km/h, the distance is 73 meters range.

In the previous two Spanish league matches, Baer has been questioned by many Real Madrid fans because of his slump. Bernabeu's audience had more than once booed Baer, but Baer announced the return of the omnipotent Mahatma today with a signed passing pass!

The Royal Society is still trying to tie the score, even though Real Madrid were 2-1 in the lead. At this moment, Real Madrid want a player to win, and Baer promptly stepped forward. The wonderful overtaking break made his voice shut.

Baer's top speed was 35km/h

Baer start from the center line, he is also behind the defender two body position, but Baer used his terrifying speed abruptly overtaking the opponent, and grab the goalkeeper before the failure, pick the ball into the net, the goals like most of the two delegates Baer occupation career: the Champions League for the raw speed and Maicon. The king's Cup turn to overtake baltra. In the opening game of the league, Real Madrid need such a return of Baer, Baer himself also said he hoped to use efforts to calm down the boos.

The Baer raid distance up to 73 meters

The bench exploded, and Zidane smiled

2013-14 season, the king's Cup final 2-1 win over Real Madrid Barcelona, Baer stepped outside overtaking baltra, wu-k'ung somersault cloud lore barcelona.

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