Ping emperor star even destroy the 4 rise of world champion Fan Zhendong Liu Shiwen lost the World Cup qualification

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Ping emperor star even destroy the 4 rise of world champion Fan Zhendong Liu Shiwen lost the World Cup qualification

2017-09-18 09:40:04 339 ℃

Asian Cup table tennis has ended the competition, ultimately, Lin lofty and Zhu Yuling won the Asian Cup, while Fan Zhendong and Liu Shiwen only runner up. For Fan Zhendong and Liu Shiwen, losing the Asian Cup also means losing the World Cup qualification and the consequences are serious.

In accordance with the provisions of the International Table Tennis Federation, each national association only 2 people participated in the world cup. As this year's world championship, 2 table tennis Grand Slam winner Malone and Ding Ning already qualify automatically, while the Asian Cup champion Lin Gaoyuan and Zhu Yuling will also qualify, which means that the four will participate in the world cup, Liu Shiwen and fan Zhendong et al have yet qualified entries. Of course, if Malone and Ding Ning, like last year, choose to retire, other talents have the opportunity to fill the competition.

The World Cup last year, Malone retired, Fan Zhendong for Mizutani Hayashi out of the race won by qualification, he finally beat Xu Xin won the world cup champion, won her first singles world championship, becoming the youngest table tennis singles champion of the world. As the defending champion of the world cup, Fan Zhendong lost his Asian Cup title and will be unable to go to the world cup, which will undoubtedly be a severe blow to him.

Ding Ning and Liu Shiwen in the World Cup last year because of injuries has led to retire, Japan's 16 year old genius Hirano Miu won the world cup blockbuster, Hirano Miyuya embarked on the pinnacle of life, and the hapless Liu Shiwen out of the race because of the fear of Kong Linghui was banned for punishment, the result this year lifted back Liu Shiwen could not find the feeling of winning that is in turn defeated 4 teammates Chen Meng, Zhu Guoping, Yu Ling Sun Yingsha, Ding Ning in 5 competitions, with 0 crowns and dismal, once again become a tragic queen cannot achieve a breakthrough. Last year, he took the initiative to retire, the result was punished, this year even the qualification is gone, and Liu Shiwen's heart is full of suffering!

With the unexpected defeat of Fan Zhendong, with a lofty Lin finally got the Asian Cup Table Tennis No. 5 firmly secured the main position, if Zhang Jike continues to fade out of the international arena, Lin has 4 main high practical equivalent, in front of him only Malone, Fan Zhendong and Xu Xin. In the past 1 months, Lin Gaoyuan performance is outstanding, in the National Games men's team competition has defeated 3 world champion Zhang Jike, Fang Bo and Malone, is now personally defeated Fan Zhendong, beat 4 world champions, including the world's top two Malone and Fan Zhendong is commendable. The Asian Cup, the first leading 2-0 in the high forest lost to fight without the experience of Jun Mizutani, this is his only remaining game losing, including South Korea killing 2 main Li Shangzhu and Ding Xiangen proved his battle capability are greatly improved.

Next, Lin lofty nonstop will to participate in the competition, Austria platinum station, this race, Malone Xu Xinfan Zhendong etc. are not participating, such as Ocea Love, Jun Mizutani and other foreign famous Bohr, also not participating. This is Lin Gaoyuan to prove himself is a good opportunity for a new generation of foot as Guoping Fan Zhendong leader. You know, he also had to play from the qualifying, Asian Cup new champion in qualifying, the Japanese see, I'm afraid to spit blood!