Chinese women's volleyball team scored a disgrace, he took the initiative to take full responsibility! Rectifies is the successor of Lang Ping

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Chinese women's volleyball team scored a disgrace, he took the initiative to take full responsibility! Rectifies is the successor of Lang Ping

2017-09-18 18:35:18 441 ℃

Chinese women's volleyball team won only seventh place at the U23 World Championships, creating the worst record in the history of the U23 world championships! Coach Wu Sheng for such achievements, take the initiative to take full responsibility. Wu Sheng said, "I will be fully responsible for this event.".

Indeed, in 2013, the Chinese women's volleyball team was the champion in the event, even though the group played well in 2015, but still missed the final four, and still took fifth place. This time only seventh, really can not be accepted, as a coach, Wu Sheng led the performance and performance can not be satisfactory. Whether from the game itself or new training, it is difficult to find the outside world where the Chinese women's volleyball highlights.

This contest is considered Wu Sheng International Arena experience, candidates with great problems, people are not clear, Zhu Yuezhou reuse and even "cronyism". We would not see the Wu Sheng led, whether a team's defensive problems generally associated with him, in fact a very clear conclusion is that with the local team and the national team, really is not the same.

Strong such as Cai Bin, so there is no rival in China's women's volleyball team commander, led the Chinese women's volleyball team have appeared inadequate. Wu Sheng first LED, in fact, to achieve such results in reason. In simple terms, in the domestic arena, Zhejiang women's volleyball team a very outstanding, thanks to each opponent serve level is not enough, leading to Wu Shenghe all domestic coach is an illusion we a good ". This is Lang Ping see most clearly, so Lang Ping took office at the national team level candidates not other, just look at the overall strength, especially whether they can pass and defensive responsibility.

From this point of view, if these players are the best U23 team in Wu Sheng's mind, then he is only losing in the international vision. In the face of Europe and America team, the opponent's service is not comparable to the domestic, if you take the same standard to measure, it must be suffering. As for "nepotism", can only say that Wu Sheng is the most familiar for Zhu Yuezhou, each of which is a local coach to the national team that got to avoid problem, after the first notch in the contest, Wu Sheng for every player is not particularly familiar with.

Wu Sheng himself also said that the preparation of this competition is inadequate. Only seventh, Wu Sheng did not throw the pot, but the main responsibility of the whole, it is worth a little praise, we also see Wu Sheng, the future there may be counter attack. After all, to lead Zhejiang women's volleyball team 6 years, 4 into the League semi-finals, to win a championship, Wu Sheng's hard power is still unquestionable. Just hope the fancy Lang Ping successor can grasp the international situation, Lang Ping has proved China women do not lack good seedling, missing only the horses, I hope this time failed to become a starting point to improve the Wu sheng. The Chinese women's volleyball team needs more excellent coaches to step forward.