Super fire two referees, Luneng Hengda very injured, the three penalty black out new heights

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Super fire two referees, Luneng Hengda very injured, the three penalty black out new heights

2017-09-18 18:35:28 204 ℃

Super League twenty-fifth round, and fire two referees, this time Luneng and Heng mostly suffer. Luneng's match with Yanbian, Zheng Zheng's good shot was blown. Hengda and Suning game, GalAT pole was a foul. After the game, Zheng Zhi was booked for complaining about the referee's decision.

Looking at Luneng and Yanbian's match, the referee is Shen Yinhao from Shanghai, he has caused many controversies in the competition many times. In the first half, Shen Yinhao blew Zheng Zheng's beautiful steals into a foul, causing controversy, and the second half was a direct blow to Zheng Zheng's goal. Sixty-second minutes, relaxation on the right pass, Zheng Zheng inserted the header after the ball, the ball clean and tidy, but Shen Yinhao blew Zheng Zheng foul, the goal is invalid. Coincidentally, Su Ning and Hengda's game, Yang Boyu scored a similar goal, but the goal is effective, Shen Yinhao's penalty scale is what, worth pondering. See the picture below:

Su Ning and Hengda's game, the referee's horse power penalty also caused Hengda players dissatisfaction. Eighty-second minutes, one end of a direct attack Hengda horsepower, and the penalty is nonsense. Liu Dianzuo hand ball attack, GalAT ball turned to form a single, Suning guard feet slipped and fell, but the horsepower whistle rang. The ball directly kill the GalAT single ball, then Hengda 2 to 1 lead, once the GalAT scored pole, game is no suspense. The ball is a foul, GalAT very unhappy, but can not change the referee.

Judging from the two balls, the referee's position is not bad, the line of sight has not been blocked, I do not know why such a penalty occurs. This season's Super League, the referee caused more and more controversy, the Football Association behind the referee no problem, but how to improve the level of the referee is the key. More importantly, the Football Association's support, some of the judges showed secure to rely on attitude, after all the players and coaches once expressed dissatisfaction with the Football Association, will open a ticket, this has become a vicious cycle, the development of super is very unfavorable.