Li Qiuping is in a hurry! Shouting Xinjiang interior team gangster! After Zhou Qi's departure, he may be the defending password

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Li Qiuping is in a hurry! Shouting Xinjiang interior team gangster! After Zhou Qi's departure, he may be the defending password

2017-09-26 21:26:48 216 ℃

Li Qiuping is in a hurry.

The Xinjiang team is in AFC Champions League, three straight start, coach Li Qiuping has bratzel loudspeaker: "we asked him to return, to catch up with the next game, he played to the knockout."

Li Qiuping worried, but not forced by the results of the pressure of the AFC Champions league. AFC results are very important. Last year, the Xinjiang team from the AFC Champions set sail, all the way to kill, breaking the "Millennium second" curse, standing on the top of the CBA. But the result is more important than AFC Champions League 2017-2018 season, CBA less than a month away, blatche's body and keep it?

Indeed, blatche is too important for the Xinjiang team.

The Xinjiang team last season to break the spell, the key to success: more than one finals MVP Adams in the offensive continued strong; Li Gen without preheating, plug and play function; Zhou Qi compared to the previous season xirelijiang defense and increasingly mature; three; Ma Kan, Yu Changdong, Koran Hornbeck - Sun Tonglin...... Even Li Qiuping, who is dealing with the players, is also looking for a change.

But a common view: bratzel convergence from the personality, played like rolling a season, perhaps is the Xinjiang team to win the ultimate password.

Blatche is a talented player character, and also some lazy. Li Qiuping coached the Xinjiang team in the first quarter, more than once publicly blasted, out of shape, such as net disservice. The end of the season, blatche returned to the United States, was reportedly a rebellious heart, do not want to come back again. The previous multi club work, Bula Che Jai "the return of the prodigal son".

As you know, in the last season of CBA's bratzel, really a bit different, simply said, is the correct attitude, willing to fight hard.

Averaging 29.1 minutes, 22.5 points and 10.4 rebounds and 3.6 assists last season - bratzel several major data, are joining the lowest value since the Xinjiang team, but behind the numbers, he is an absolute advantage in the para position. Especially the semi-finals with the Liaoning team and Guangdong team finals, blatche and Zhou Qi inside combination, and Yi Jianlian over Han Dejun + Randolph + Boozer.

No exaggeration to say that the fourth single foreign aid under the state of Blache is the existence of BUG (of course, Adams played, it is absolute advantage).

It is harder to protect the country than to fight it. The next season, the Xinjiang team without Zhou Qi, inside pressure will improve a lot, this is undoubtedly the bratzel put forward higher requirements.

Only in the paper compared the strength of each team, then draw the conclusion of the championship, it is too arbitrary, but the Xinjiang team, the "loss" of Zhou Qi, the inner strength of discount is an established fact, this requires blatche should at least keep on season level.

But after a summer, blatche figure how to do, whether out of shape, Li Qiuping Xinlimeidi, so he was very anxious, eager to see blatche, let him with folks training and competition as soon as possible to find the real feeling, "little Zhuge" was very clear: blatche is the most important part, it is also one of the most uncontrollable.