Chinese Football Association: the alleged tacit understanding of the ball, manipulation of the game and other serious treatment

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Chinese Football Association: the alleged tacit understanding of the ball, manipulation of the game and other serious treatment

2017-09-28 18:40:24 335 ℃

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, September 27, (reporter Wang Haoyu, Gong Bing) to ensure that the 2017 season of the league work orderly, China Football Association held in Beijing the day before the occupation league management working conference tournament, the referee will strengthen the work with "four pronged" approach.

The so-called "four pronged", refers to the China Football Association referee committee in addition to appoint observers, supervision of referees, key matches in the additional use of the assistant referee, also plans to try to cooperate with FIFA the latest technology and means of law enforcement: video assisted referee (VAR) put into use in the trial of the individual matches in the twenty-eighth round and 29 round of the 2018 season, lay the foundation for comprehensive trial; at the same time China Football Association will start in the twenty-seventh round of Super League, hire a high level in Europe law enforcement referee team of key events, create a learning opportunities for the local referee, for next year's Super League referee to launch occupation.

Assistant director of National Sports Bureau, China Football Association party secretary Du Zhaocai said, will be strictly and severely punished in violation of sportsmanship and discipline behavior, discovered, investigated and dealt with, will not be tolerated, never compromise. For key screenings, the Chinese Football Association will conduct real-time monitoring, for alleged "tacit ball", manipulation of competition and malicious fouls and other acts dealt with severely.

In order to further strengthen the league the last phase of the event management work, Chinese Football Association vice president Li Yuyi put forward eight specific measures: one is the China football occupation league executive bureau, asked relevant departments to do a good job in the company competition organization and service work, ensure the smooth, smooth, and sent to the observer division division supervision and coordination; two is carefully organized before the meeting, strengthening requirements and discipline, club management personnel should take the responsibility to management, strict management, and make it play an exemplary role; the three is to strengthen communication and coordination, to ensure the smooth and orderly competition. To conduct the division of security work, to ensure safety; four is to resolutely carry out the security division, the responsibility to the people, to protect the players, coaches and referees, and personal safety; five is to strengthen the division of personnel management, a clear responsibility to put in place, and do their duties; the six is to be fans of the organization and management, the formation of culture fans civilization, rational to win attitude; seven is to work closely with the public security departments to strengthen the football stadium security measures; eight is the production and release of occupation League sportsmanship and discipline to strengthen propaganda, sportsmanship and discipline education and positive guidance.

To ensure the smooth ending of the season, at the next stage of the competition, Du Zhaocai pointed out that the Chinese Football Association will further deepen the competition reform, increase the comprehensive management of the league, and comprehensively enhance the League level. In the construction and management team, the football association will Chinese and sports institutions co founded the China football referees training colleges, establish occupation, occupation League referee referee team to strengthen the appraisal work and comprehensive implementation of video assisted referees, the introduction of high-level foreign referees. At the same time, a comprehensive revision of "China Football Association disciplinary standards", the introduction of "occupation League discipline supervision and management Interim Provisions" and "code of conduct", players strengthen sportsmanship and discipline education and rectification work, through a series of combination punches, Duocuobingju, tackling the problem, to further standardize the order in the league, the League occupation occupation clean environment, towards the "the medium-term goal occupation League organization and competition to reach the level of the Asian first-class" struggling forward, and constantly create a new situation in the reform and development of China football.

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