He was the hero of Feng's life, and Lippi said it was the first man in the world

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He was the hero of Feng's life, and Lippi said it was the first man in the world

2017-10-04 07:13:28 333 ℃

We all know that the former world first defender Nesta, the lover looks handsome Italy David guy is also the hearts of many people in the dream. Just let a lot of fans for the dream centre. When Nesta turned out in world football, he changed the minds of many people. In the past, the centre half felt a brave midfielder.

Nesta in his most heyday, known as the world's first football center. Nesta is a world-class striker so many victims of a headache. At his peak, he didn't have any of Messi's defensive qualities. However, for Nesta, his red and black Milan should get the honor, and in the national team also won the world cup, which is very envious of feng.

Of course, Nesta, Defender of the world's first central defender, has also made him feel sorry for things. It was at the world cup in Germany that he kicked off the group game and said goodbye. Although the world cup Italy team won the championship, but as a spectator of Nesta's heart is certainly not the taste. It is also a pity that the Italy central defender can never make up for it. I am afraid I can't make up for it.

Nesta misses Milan a lot of times, because in the era of stars like Kaka, A Inzaghi and Gattuso, the Rossoneri Milan is the world's most popular rich club. Nesta is proud to be one of them, and we hope that Nesta will have a better place to live in the future and enjoy the joy of football.