International relations experts have predicted that Panama scored 100 times as China's 1 World Cup, and now

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International relations experts have predicted that Panama scored 100 times as China's 1 World Cup, and now

2017-10-11 23:30:18 133 ℃

Not the World Cup finals, but the World Cup qualifiers, showing why football is the world's first sport.

It seems like a long time ago that the Chinese team pulled out. But in Iceland, Egypt, Panama and even Syria, tell us, for dignity and Sike is a wonderful thing.

Hao Haidong says he doesn't understand why Chinese fans are concerned about other national teams and are thrilled. It was his own narrow, national identity that broadened his life, but a strong state consciousness was also a limitation. To tell the truth, the World Cup qualifier is an aesthetic one. The concept of the national team is only one element. Otherwise, it can not be moved so much.

In addition to Russia itself, the Brazil team is the first team in World Cup qualifier to break out of Russia's World Cup team, but on the contrary, the old rivals Argentina finally knock long, difficult. What impressed me most was not Messi's hat trick, but the pictures that he and Mascherano and the team celebrated together after the game. While watching the ball, I was waiting for the final whistle, because at that moment all the faces were clear and genuine, better than all the performances in the plot.

You think only the Chinese team will be so excited about qualifying for the world cup? No, Argentina will, too. So will Messi. I believe that in the candy box leg Gago cried for a certain in the hospital in front of the tv. Anyway, not the elegant master, bloodthirsty warrior. To tell the truth, the candy box scene makes me feel that the war without smoke can show the sincerity of human nature.

See the promotion, boiling from Cairo to Alexandria, see the disabled jumped down from the chair to celebrate, see the old man at home in the living room to cry. You can feel the weight of football - not the weight of football itself, but the vision of a nation. It seems to be on the football team. People have Egyptian dreams, too.

See Iceland beat Croatia, Ukraine and Turkey qualify for the World Cup finals, the team will think of Chinese. Iceland, a small country with a population of 330 thousand, has no population base, and many towns in my home town, Daliang. How did they do it? It's also the charm of football. How superficial it is to say that Chinese football is not good enough because there are too few people playing football.

From the dark horse of the European Cup finals, to the World Cup finals, they made Iceland the country continuously to become world public opinion issues, you said that this group of people, they are not a national hero? The kind of ethnic aesthetics displayed by Iceland people through the roar of Viking warfare has become a popular culture in the world's football territory, and that's enough.

Then Panama. One can only appear in Hollywood movies, finally reached its first World Cup finals. Remember that University of International Relations Professor Guo Yin, who was analyzing the prospects of the Chinese team? Panama was not only in the United States blockbuster, but also in his remarks. His exact words are:

"We are sure to get the third place in the group, and after that we don't know whether it's Australia or Saudi Arabia.". If you qualify for Saudi Arabia, then it's basically going to the world cup. If it's Australia, that's hard to say. Our strength is not inferior to Saudi Arabia, a little bit more work, basically on the line. There's nothing wrong with the team in the caribbean. FIFA must be wholeheartedly hope that China's line, you think about the broadcast rights, how big the market, China how many people will go to the scene to watch, you must take care of this, this is very important. Is it important for Panama to enter the world cup or China to enter the world cup? Panama into the world cup 100 times without China, into the 1 big benefit, right?"

See here, look at today's results. Laughed. China is rich, and the United States is rich. Indeed, money can bring dignity, but the problem is that football can be. The world political and economic order, that's one thing, the world sports order, that's another story. Sports, more fair.

I also watched the video of Peru's final stage against Columbia. I cared about Columbia because of Marcks, because I was lonely for a hundred years. The last World Cup in Brazil, Rio still belong to the store to buy the official flamenco Adidas brand Columbia shirt printed with number 3, Yepes, a tough guy. The picture was really special when the final whistle rang and both sides rushed into the parade to celebrate.

I noticed one scene: J and Ospina hugged each other closely. Not long ago, J had divorced Ospina's sister, but Ospina would always be his child's uncle.

In the crowd, Shenhua's leader cried. It's a vast world cup qualifier.