Super first right guard is no longer Zhang Linpeng! Hengda can't dig, ginger can dig him

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Super first right guard is no longer Zhang Linpeng! Hengda can't dig, ginger can dig him

2017-10-13 13:55:14 170 ℃

Only a short while ago, when asked who is the first time in the right back, Lin Zhang is the Guangzhou Hengda fans blurted out. If we go back to Lippi's Guangzhou Evergrande period, Zhang Linpeng is not only the first right guard in the Super League, but also one of the best right guards in Asia. It is Zhang Linpeng's best evaluation that he can attack and defend well. At that time Zhang Linpeng, can be called a knife guard, in addition to the defensive side does not give the mobile phone, but also scored 4 goals and sent 5 assists beautiful data.

However, Lippi left Guangzhou Hengda in early 2015, plus Zhang Linpeng Liuyang affected by failure, resulting in psychological imbalance, instability. From 2015 to 2016, two season injuries, injuries, has been unable to return to the peak period, the knife defender figure is difficult to find back. This season in the Super League, and the FA Cup three AFC Champions League line battlefield play flat, recently the state is very poor, affect the Guangzhou Hengda three line title.

Since Zhang Linpeng is no longer the first right guard in the Super League, who is eligible to be elected? In my opinion, from Guangzhou R & F rightback tangmiao elected. First of all, from the most direct competition data, the end of the twenty-sixth round, Tang Miao on behalf of Guangzhou Fuli first 26 times, a total of 2301 minutes, ranked in the top twelfth, is the most of all super defender players.

In addition to time to lead the right back position, tangmiao in 26 league games and scored 2 goals, sent 8 assists in right defender most, tied for fourth in assists, assists the top ten only one defender. Also, the number of successful passes, tangmiao 964 times in a row in the super seventh, Super League player right back up, and in the high-intensity running distance of 17965 meters, tangmiao row in the super third, just behind Beijing's Li Lei and Guangzhou Hengda galat.

If these data do not allow fans convincing, so there are a few data can prove that tangmiao is the first fully deserve this season in the right back. The number of passes, tangmiao 1076 times in a row in the super ninth; in interceptions, tangmiao 44 times in a row in the super eleventh; in steals, tangmiao 57 times in a row in the super eighth; in the total running distance of 259738 meters, tangmiao to row in the super fifth etc..

And so many data, tangmiao are ranked in the top ten in the visible, Guangzhou bodied right back is really not normal. Tang Miao was born in 1990, occupation career growth experience is not smooth, 13 years into the four tier 17 Guoan, left in a scraping fibula fracture, 21 year old Tang Miao as the two players in the National League in the brawl in Singapore, the same year and some of the players are Beijing's security cleaning. Until 22 years old, only to appreciate Li Shubin became Guangzhou Fuli player, and in the same year to help the team successfully into the super league.