The ball is Liu Jian | sportswear with abdominal stop? Zhan Gong's worst ankle injury

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The ball is Liu Jian | sportswear with abdominal stop? Zhan Gong's worst ankle injury

2017-10-14 11:43:13 340 ℃

Comments: 1. The port was ready for champagne, but it couldn't open. Liu Jian came over to me: I'll open it! Then he raised his hand and smashed the champagne into pieces. 2, invented: Xie Hui: do not take three points, I do not shave! Do you think my beard is like a goal?

3, Japan media: Super did not let the national team to become stronger, South Korea was injured by super self-esteem

In the new FIFA rankings, the Korean team will be surpassed by the Chinese team, and the Korean media criticism is a disgrace, and the Japanese football magazine "qoly" has also reported it. Japanese media said: the success of the Chinese League failed to make the national team strong, but after Lippi became the coach, the Chinese team in the 12 strong games won 3 wins, 2 draws and 1 losses. Even though he didn't qualify for the world cup, he was only 3 points behind South korea. Now China is ranked more than South Korea, which hurts South Korea's self-esteem.

Comment: 1, than the Chinese team after the ranking of the world cup, you have half a dime before use? 2, Japanese media is relatively objective and pertinent, Korean media belongs to four catties duck three Jin mouth.

4, Beijing division and punished officials: support punishment will strictly regulate behavior

The Football Association announced the penalty notice to the super Beijing division and official Wang Xiaogang, the Football Association announced the ticket, Beijing division responded: he will strictly enforce the rules and discipline division, to ensure the smooth operation of events. And the official Wang Xiaogang himself issued a statement: resolutely support the punishment decision. Will strictly regulate individual behavior, maintain the order of competition, ensure the orderly work of the division.

Comments: 1, fans suggestions: if the country moved to Beijing curse Cohim xiongan emasculation, is also very good, the haze is less.

5, Mu Shuai: played Red Army Faction 9 striker Guardiola was the opposite: when you don't rely on Messi?

AC Milan China launch ceremony and AC Milan China resource sharing conference and partner signing ceremony held in beijing. He said spurs were one man, and the team beat him back: "you didn't rely on Messi?" Mourinho said: Captain is still unable to play, the red army sent 9 forwards and 1 guards. In response to the question: if Liverpool fired me, I couldn't find a better candidate. In addition, Simonyi said: "Messi once again proved to be the best in the world, Barcelona can not be picky.".

Comment: 1, 9 forwards? Bus or bus, just to the front of the door. 2, melon Shuai: who said I only rely on Messi? It's a slander! Wouldn't I rely on Harvey and Iniesta? And Busquets, Alves, Puyol, Pedro, and so on?

6, Zhan Zhan suffered the most serious career, ankle injury knight and eagle to achieve the deal

Is it true that he played the center forward? Lu responded: "this decision was made by me. James is reported to have suffered the most serious ankle injury in his career. It is reported that the knight and the eagle knight deal, Jefferson, and feld 2 future two round pick and cash to the eagle, eagle for two European players signing right. Reporter Luo Wei wrote a guess about the new season, including: Warriors 70 wins, Zhan Ming Ming summer rockets. In addition, Wade suggested Erwin: never speak ill of his old boss.

Comment: 1, do not be too James? It wasn't Durant's hip. Did he have the chance to join the warriors? 2, also is a my emperor after use to throw off the veteran. The eagle is just the knight's recycling station, good recycling, bad throw in?