The Spanish -C Ronaldo League 2-1 victory over Real Madrid drought breaking Benzema accomplishment Bernd

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The Spanish -C Ronaldo League 2-1 victory over Real Madrid drought breaking Benzema accomplishment Bernd

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Live it October 14th Beijing time 22:15 on October 14, 2017, the eighth round of La Liga, Real Madrid away against getafe. The first half Benzema comeback accomplishment, Molina in the second half door outflank break equalised easco assists C Ronaldo breaking the Premier League goal drought, Real Madrid away 2-1 win over getafe.

After the national match day, Baer and Qi appeared different degrees of injuries and injuries, slips and Kovacic were still injured. This service, using the Zidane rotation, teenager Ashe Ralph's first play, Marx Llorente and cross midfield partner C, Fernando Benzema Luo Feng line.

The first half of the match, the first tee getafe. 1 minutes, Vasquez blocked the forbidden area, C Ronaldo offside. 2 minutes, Marcello left 45 degrees pass by header relief. 6 minutes, crossing the ball left front cross out of the sidelines. 8 minutes later, Theo was released from the left. 10 minutes to do the Benzema area, C Luo Road shot was goalkeeper puzhu.

15 minutes, Vasquez's right bottom pass was blocked out of the bottom line. Cross right corner into the forbidden area, Ramos header high. 18 minutes, pull the right curve ball pass, Portillo header high. 19 minutes, Marcello tries to fly long shot outside the penalty area. 23 minutes, cross pass box header. 27 minutes later, cross right corner kicks into the restricted area, and C's header rubs off. 30 minutes later, cross court right set the ball into the forbidden area, Ramos fell in the penalty area, the referee Ramos offside.

31 minutes, C Luo on the right edge of the area shot was goalkeeper. 33 minutes, C Luo before the restricted area to be tipped down, the referee did not express. 35 minutes, Benzema restricted area before the volley was denied the bottom line. 38 minutes, C Luo xiechuan, Defender siege mistakes, Benzema ball into the box right foot tuishe, Bernd 0-1 real madrid.

45 minutes, Llorente forward Zhise, the first goalkeeper ball confiscated.

The first half of the match ended, Benzema comeback accomplishment, Getafe Real Madrid 0-1.

The second half began, kicking off real madrid. 46 minutes, Antunes left the line directly out of the bottom line. 49 minutes, Antunes set the left side of the court before the ball set into the forbidden area, after the ball was Ramos header relief. 50 minutes later, the right side of the cross area was thrown into the restricted area, and Ramos headed for the ferry. 52 minutes, Motozawa Ma passed the forbidden area and was taken off by goalkeeper. 52 minutes before the pole is not C Ramon goalkeeper destruction, Marcello shot was saved by the goalkeeper.

55 minutes, Benitez right in front of the curve ball, Molina hit the ball into the goal, Bernd 1-1 real madrid.

59 minutes later, Ashe's right broke through the bottom, and the referee signaled no foul. 62 minutes, Ramos houchangchangzhuan, Vasquez down the line. 63 minutes, pull the left corner into the forbidden area, Baer Gallas header off. 65 minutes, the C ball restricted to the top of the arc before the ball directly hit the door out. 67 minutes, Antunes left corner kick into the forbidden area, foot relief. 72 minutes, cross front left hair ball into the box, guard rescue mistakes, C Dianshe missed before solomon.

74 minutes, in the Special Olympics forbidden area inside the left side stabs the door to break, the referee indicated offside first, the goal is invalid. 78 minutes, Ashe on the right side of the plug, C Ronaldo offside. 79 minutes, Portillo edge of the area was at Lengjian slightly deflected. 81 minutes left, Isko Xiezhuan area, after playing the ball to the bottom line. 84 minutes, Isko front cross restricted C Ronaldo volley, Bernd 1-2 real madrid.

90 minutes, Laatzen shots from outside the area hit fly. 92 minutes, Ashe, right cross knocked forbidden area was removed.

The end of the game, Real Madrid Getafe 1-2.

Bernd 13-: guaita; 22- Damian Suarez, 2- 16- Cara, 3- Antunes Jenne, 18- Anand Barry, 5-; Bergara 7-; Alvaro (14 'Portillo 12-), 21- 23- (Didier Siow Rafah, 66' 8- Laatzen); 19- Molina

Real Madrid: 13- casiglia; Marcello 12- (71 "15- 4- Ramos 6-, Special Olympics), Nacho 19- Ashe, Ralph 18-; 8- cross, Vasquez Llorente, 17- (71" 22- 20- A Sen Theo, Isko); Benzema 9- (80 "21-, 7-, Cristiano, Ronaldo).

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