Looking on the Hong Kong AFC Champions League: Huashan road in Hong Kong at the final

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Looking on the Hong Kong AFC Champions League: Huashan road in Hong Kong at the final

2017-10-19 02:31:01 359 ℃

Beijing time at 18:30 on October 18th, Hong Kong will be against Urawa in AFC Champions League semi-final second leg match. The first leg of the 1-1 draw under the condition of the port on the road for promotion to get qualified for the final, Yan Junling and Wang Shenchao campaign lifted the team strongest array Boas to the World Cup Stadium in saitama.

Competition time: 18:30 October 18th (Beijing time)

Venue: Saitama World Cup Stadium

Historical confrontation:

The Hong Kong and Urawa group phase stage once met, back to back 3, 4 rounds of competition, the Hong Kong based home court 3-2 win, go away because Oscar lost, eventually lost 0-1. Shanghai and Japan have played 7 times, scored 4 wins, 1 draws, 2 losses, including a guest, last season group victory over Osaka steel Ba, but 1/8 finals in the first round of 1-2 defeat to Tokyo FC.

Urawa and super team had 11 meetings, record of 4 wins 4 flat 3 negative slightly dominant, 5 times in the home court with the super team, got 4 wins and 1 draws unbeaten record. This season the group phase home court had beaten the Hong Kong Beat Hengda Group phase 1-0 last season, the 2013 season had beat Hengda Group phase 3-2, the only one for hegemony over the season AFC Champions League stadium. In the super team Urawa home court and a draw only in the 2015 season, the national security from the road back to 1 points, but the season and the team bottom out.

Focus of competition:

The impact on Hong Kong AFC Champions League Finals: first round teams drew 1-1, despite being away Urawa an away goal, but Hong Kong's strength in Urawa, to get big score draw, or Hong Kong can win on the pass, if we draw with 1-1, the two sides will go into overtime or shootout duel. If the Hong Kong promotion, will be the first time the team reached the finals AFC Champions League history, but also the third super team finals (the previous 2 are free and Liaozu Hengda, Wanda Ya Jubei final).

Situation is very bad recently Urawa: 10 games, only 2 wins and 6 achievements and flat 2 negative, the last 5 home court in addition to 4-1 AFC Champions League beat Kawasaki out of opponents, the remaining 4 and 3 flat 1 negative, on the weekend of the J League, Ura Kazuno only in the home court and the Kobe victory ship 1-1 shake hands. And the bad situation, but also to see Hong Kong away in the hope of promotion.

Promotion in port? The need to break a ills: 3 away recently, Hong Kong has achieved 2 wins and 1 draws unbeaten, 3-3 draw score can also be guaranteed across the distant foot Urawa this off. But don't forget, 5 away after Hong Kong was 1 flat 4 negative is hard to find a win, compared to home court strong, Hong Kong's poor performance, Boas's team to successfully crossed the Urawa this, need to get rid of the ills.

Hold AFC Champions League Urawa DNA, home court victory: Although Urawa recent poor record, but in the AFC Champions League stadium has maintained a home court victory Urawa proud achievements, 5 home court this season has scored 18 goals, including 2 games zero closure opponents. While visiting Hong Kong, Japan, has eaten 2 consecutive defeats, last season's 1/8 finals in Tokyo FC on the body in distress. In this front AFC Champions League Urawa only can observe the situation, Hong Kong should beware of the opponent suddenly broke out, especially in the 1/8 finals and 1/4 finals are Urawa away defeat to comeback home court.

For the first time at the Japanese team: the green giant group phase to face Urawa, Hulk failed to play because of injury. It is worth mentioning that the Hulk had a career in Japanese football experience, to face the Japanese team also has special meaning for him to accept the AFC interview, hurk says, he still clearly remember when the effectiveness of the Japanese team's situation. Of course, the Hulk is the port number, AFC Champions League 9 games 9 goals, the Hulk also played around Hong Kong promotion.

The two sides are expected to start

Urawa Red Diamonds

Goalkeepers: 1- Nishikawa Shusaku;

Guards: 2- ink, West Europe, 22- Abe Yuki, 5- Makino Tomoaki, 15- long Ze and hui;

Midfield: 6-, 10-, Kashiwagi Yousuke, 16-, Aoki Takuya, 9-, and wu;

Forwards: Rafael 8- - Da Silva, 30- LV Xing Shen three

Shanghai port

Goalkeepers: 1- Yan Junling;

Guards: 23- Fu Huan, 27- Shi Ke, 28- he he, 4- Wang Shenchao;

Midfielders: 25- Ahmad Dov, 6- Cai Huikang, 7- Wu Lei, 8- Oscar, 10- Hulk;

Striker aierkesen: 9-

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