Last-gasp goal! 77+17 hits the Rockets coach in his face? Harden responds in the last 30 seconds

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Last-gasp goal! 77+17 hits the Rockets coach in his face? Harden responds in the last 30 seconds

2017-10-26 12:02:03 458 ℃

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Rockets pick 76 people, a desire and anticipation coexist battle. Rockets fans are eager to team in large area injuries (Paul and Ariza), to eliminate the war victory after all they are reversing the decline of Memphis, crown of the division; 76 fans expect Nebid and Simmons to lead the team into the playoffs on track, can open the path to winning, so a powerhouse and a to show the fans a new feast, the Rockets finally to 105-104 lore 76.

Nebid ruled 21 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists

Nebid on the season 31 war has proved his potential value as Duncan, on a war killing piston, he ate the league's best defensive players pile God, the face more sentimental Capella, he easily crushed. Inside, he can use the pace and feel that he has completed the attack; holding capacity at the same time, also has three points, quite the best evidence, the third section 10 points 30 seconds, 76 strikes back arc roof en bide, Simmons and Mcconnell after the ball continuous conduction to big emperor hands, but he saw a record three points in the picture, cut side of the assistant coach Anthony de has his right hand over his head and didn't dare to look, the ball went into the bag.

Ben Simmons, a 57 year war to create the fastest game (4) three pairs of rookie signs at the same time, also to four consecutive two pairs of 25 years ago par O'neal, so he is also full of fans all looking forward to. In the field, in the face of the strength of the super boarding combination and Tucker and Bamot defensive line, the 21 year old handed over 14 points, 7 rebounds, 9 assists answer, the efficiency of the game -10 value is embarrassing? He is just his fifth battle, and the quasi three double data has already indicated his potential value.

Mcconnell bites harden

Covington continued his inspirational journey, 18 in 8 including 4 grains of three points, 20 points and 6 rebounds and second team high +9 efficiency value, confirmed 76 people he was a starter at the four tree choice because, compared to the Anderson rockets, from attack to keep his form victory. In the team on the three future potential shares are more than satisfactory performance, the two rewrite the outcome of the game Raiders coming, they had cut the aorta rocket.

A year 2300 million, this is the introduction of 76 people send Reddick about a giant, doubt, Reddick worth the price tag? No, really, he's just a history pitcher, and he's 33 years old. However, for the 76 person value. No standard two, no experience, this is the defect of 76 talents hoard, and Reddick become perfect puzzle. Two pictures, harden and Gordon two consecutive three points to play potential, thunder Dick a three points one and a 2+1 pouring fire, help 76 people stabilize the general situation. With the game of Mcconnell harden finished 6 steals the bleeding throat bite spell success freeze rocket engine, the team offensive stalled.

Gordon scored three points and killed 76 people

The Rockets, including Simmons,, Reddick, and F4, have blasted 77 points and 17 assists. 30 seconds to kill Nebid harden face straight hit 2+1, the score was fixed at 102-104, no brain Bayles was 76 cover 24 seconds, 6.4 seconds at the birth of God Gordon. Anderson and harden continuous conduction after the ball to Gordon, left the bottom line transport step fly right at 4321 Covington, traversing the countdown at resorted to three points, juesha! Harden happiness lay on the ground, we de despair of the back of the head, this is the polar race. Rockets won the desired victory, and the 76 won the future.