Hengda into the AFC Champions League, the number of key AFC scramble for more intense

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Hengda into the AFC Champions League, the number of key AFC scramble for more intense

2017-10-26 12:04:23 492 ℃

This weekend, the super will usher in the twenty-ninth round of the contest, the title and the relegation has been ahead of the end of two suspense, suspense is still only qualified to AFC Champions League. At present, in the standings, Guangzhou Hengda and Shanghai port in advance to lock two AFC Champions League qualification, while the two remaining for the AFC Champions League qualification is fierce, but also consider Shanghai to Hong Kong in the FA Cup final against Shanghai Shenhua, looks on Hong Kong will be favored, so China happy, right to health in Tianjin and Shandong Luneng and Guangzhou R & F four team in the fight into the third and fourth.

Hengda in the last two rounds can be said to be the judge of the AFC qualification, Hengda last two rounds of record directly affect the attribution of the AFC Champions League quota. It is worth noting that, after Hengda won, there are two super club sent a congratulatory message, just Hengda next opponent Hebei China happiness and Tianjin rights and health, which causes people to fantasy.

From this point of view, the current integration of the most favorable Hebei Huaxia happiness but the most dangerous, they have to face in the twenty-ninth round of the thirtieth round of Super League champions Guangzhou Evergrande; to resolve the same qualification to Shandong Luneng AFC Champions League. The integral is on the Guangzhou bodied schedule is relatively simple, their two games against the desirelessness Tianjin Yili and Chongqing lifan.

Tianjin right to Jianxian against already relegated Liaoning to open a new face in the day; then in Guangzhou on the road home court win Hengda Luneng; first against Guizhou Hengfeng Zhicheng; then against rival Hebei Huaxia happiness.

Hengda next two games, this should be mainly to train new people, after all, champion has arrived, and Scolari has also been suspended, after the end of the season will leave hengda. But the last round in the face of home court Hengda to the first half of the season has lost one of the right to health in Tianjin, the day is a big day for Hengda Hengda win, certainly can not let the right to health beat yourself to hit wherever he goes, will try to win.