Is it difficult for women's volleyball champion to find a job? Zhou Suhong, 37 years old, became a security guard when he became a senior official abroad

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Is it difficult for women's volleyball champion to find a job? Zhou Suhong, 37 years old, became a security guard when he became a senior official abroad

2017-10-26 12:06:11 536 ℃

Tianjin after the games, some of the women's volleyball team have retired, team captain Wei Qiuyue retired because of injury, and recently there are 4 women's volleyball athletes of Zhejiang women's volleyball team announced his retirement, Dan Danna, Wang Xianfen, Li Hui, Zhai Tingli of the Jiangsu women's volleyball team, Danner and Li Hui are still as women's Volleyball National team, league and National Games champion they are facing can not find the pressure of work.

Li Hui

Li Hui, 27, was first selected to the national team of Chinese women volleyball team in 2010, and was recruited by Wang Baoquan and Lang Ping to the national team. Li Huiceng served as captain of the Jiangsu women's volleyball team, helping Jiangsu to win the volleyball league and National Games champion this year. But because of the Jiangsu team, Diao Linyu main, Rong millions or thousands promoted to a team, Li Hui had to retire at the age of 27.

In fact, such as Li Hui Provincial Sports Bureau General players can arrange work, but she wanted to be a teacher, but to go to the university when the teacher is not easy, "to which school teachers need to inquire about, feel right, go to talk. If you have the right opportunity, please recommend it to me!"

When the teacher also need teacher qualification, so Li Hui in addition to contact the school, the best first touch some of the procedures must be clear, lest delay.

Li Hui retires

After the retirement of Zhejiang's Dan Danna, she finally has more time to spend with her longtime boyfriend Bian Hongmin, but she is also under pressure to find a job. "The most important thing is to put the work into practice."."

Listen to the women's volleyball team to say that, it is really sad.

Shan Danna

In fact, the women's volleyball team really well there, such as the 2004 Golden generation that a group of players, Zhou Suhong retired after embarked on a career, first as a Zhejiang Sports Sports Department of Career Technical College in five, at the end of last year and served as Zhejiang provincial team for the first time set hanging group of part-time vice secretary of the office to become Deputy Secretary Zhou the focus of the promotion".

Zhou Suhong

The same is the 2004 Golden generation, Yang Hao said he is not suitable for an officer, she completed beitida studies at Beihang University, as a physical education teacher, and served as the school's women's volleyball coach, Yang Hao very satisfied with this job, "when teachers do not have nine to five office, and a summer vacation, but also continue to play my specialty."

When the northern women's volleyball coach Yang Hao

It's mixed up. China women's volleyball team won the main players Zheng Meizhu, known as "paitan Shuangzhu" said the Olympic champion. At the end of 1991, Zheng Meizhu went to Germany to play. After retiring from the German club, she chose to go into business with her husband. Later, because of family changes, Zheng Meizhu actually served as a waiter in the local hot spring.


Yang Xilan was a veteran of the four women's volleyball team, she took over Sun Jinfang, became the main setter and captain, four times to lead the women's volleyball on the top of the world, when Yang Xilan and Sun Jinfang, Lang Ping par.

China women's volleyball team defeated the Seoul Olympic Games, Yang Xilan has been criticized as captain, was awarded the sense of responsibility is not strong, do not want to play in the Chinese huff, soon retired to switzerland.

At the beginning of the Swiss Yang Xilan play in the local club, later found a job at the United Nations security system, responsible for the regulation of the monitoring system, is responsible for answering calls from around the world, everyday at least to use French and English.

Yang Xilan serves as security guard for the United Nations

Although it's security, it's just different from the security we normally understand, and Yang Xilan works for the Security Department of the United nations. At present, the Yang Xilan family in Switzerland, but living a rich life, living 1200 flat house, usually grow flowers and grass, vegetables, very comfortable.