The scale of the penalty is changed again? The foul tactics are not violated! Liaoning is too injustice

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The scale of the penalty is changed again? The foul tactics are not violated! Liaoning is too injustice

2017-12-07 00:29:17 100 ℃
Guo Shiqiang expressed dissatisfaction with the referee than

104 97, in the Liaoning final home court narrowly beat Beijing. The last minute of the game, the Beijing team resorted to foul tactics, and faxus his arms around Hodson foul caused no small controversy.

16 seconds before the whistle, Beijing's counterattack, poor will be close to 97 than 102, still retains a slim chance of survival. So they resorted to foul tactics, hope that through this way the game will maintain suspense until the last moment. At this point, Zhao Jiwei held the ball forward to the front field and quickly scored the ball to Hodson after a package clip. Fang Shuo in front of the horse, one to hold Hodson's waist, the latter to the free throw line.

to be honest, the foul is not malicious, in the past, this is typical of foul tactics. However, according to the new rules of the season, the unnecessary action to destroy the attack, in theory, can be punished as a violation of the foul. Once convicted of unsportsmanlike foul, Liaoning will receive two free throws to the Beijing team completely lost hope comeback.

when the referee of that moment, the first time shot aimed at Liaoning coach Guo Shiqiang, saw his left hand holding the right hand, to the gestures of a unsportsmanlike action. However, the referee did not pay attention, Fang Shuo was eventually convicted of ordinary fouls, Hodson went to the free throw line, two penalty two.

may have nothing to do with the final result, but the foul and the referee's punishment have blown the pan on the Internet. Many fans think that this is a typical violation of the foul, "the referee has a double standard for Beijing." There are fans who say that the penalty will not directly affect the trend of the game. Whether it is against the rules is not important. "Anyway, Liaoning has won the battle. It is against the rules."

is worth mentioning that the most controversial violation of the foul this season is related to Liaoning. The second round of the Liaoning against Xinjiang in the final 12 seconds Zhao Jiwei foul on Adams, the same action is not malicious, but the referee will eventually be upgraded to a flagrant foul in general, caused widespread concern in the outside world at the same time, also let the CBA team began to focus on the changes brought by the new regulations CBA.