42 dials! Hu Jinqiu with four hands break enemy Yong interpretation speed and passion

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42 dials! Hu Jinqiu with four hands break enemy Yong interpretation speed and passion

2017-12-07 00:29:21 119 ℃

this round of the focus, Guangxia home to win the Jiangsu team, to win the key. Hu Jinqiu still had a good performance in the field, with 8 of 12 shots, 5 free throws, 4, and easy to cut 20 points and 9 rebounds. Since the season, Hu Jinqiu has scored 6 consecutive games of 20+, so the feat is not even touched by Ding Yanyu and Yi Jianlian this season.

is the third season of Hu Jinqiu's campaign against CBA. He has made rapid progress in every season, which is also very valuable. From the first CBA field, the field was 5.8+4.7, and the field in the second season was 15.6+7.9+1.2. This season, Hu Jinqiu's performance is more high, the field has been able to contribute to the 20.1+10.9 data. In the 20+10 club, this also made Hu Jinqiu a success in the ranks of the CBA first class.

in the face of the Jiangsu team, Hu Jinqiu still has a good play. Not only did he keep the data he should have, but he was very hard on the court, and there was no compromise, which was a rather gratifying point. Hu Jinqiu played a very threatening attack on the court. It made a very impressive attack. Liu Zheng gave the ball to Hu Jinqiu near the penalty line during the second quarter. Hu Jinqiang made a defensive step back.

followed, the other player under the basket, hurried up to defend him. Hu Jinqiu seems to be in the circle of two people, but in this case, he is still in the grip of two people, a light jump shot. Hu Jinqiu also used such an excellent attack, the interpretation of what is "42 dials"! Hu Jinqiu field not only has a sudden strong hard hit, he also has a art which is also fully reflected, his ability. In the third quarter of

, Hu Jinqiu had a wonderful attack again. He is in receipt of Liu Zheng's pass, then forced the defender out of the way, forced the impact to the inside, then forced a layup, defensive player at the moment there is no way, only helplessly watched him the ball into the basket. The distal, interpret what Hu Jinqiu called as fast as lightning. When Guangsha puts the ball into the inner line, Hu Jinqiu gets the ball directly to the basket. In the whole process, no defender can react.

Hu Jinqiu's excellent performance helped Guangsha win the key contest. Hu Jinqiu, who is constantly improving, is also a big surprise for CBA. Such an excellent Hu Jinqiu, and how to stop it? (dingdingdangdang)