Reverse! Guangxia 111-95 win Jiangsu end rival 5 win!

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Reverse! Guangxia 111-95 win Jiangsu end rival 5 win!

2017-12-07 00:29:25 95 ℃
, Guangsha home defeated Jiangsu

Beijing time in December 6th, the twelfth round of the CBA regular season, the Guangsha team met the visiting Jiangsu team at home, the four quarter war, the Guangsha team defeated the Jiangsu team 111-95 at home.

data, Guangsha Fortson 28 points and 9 assists, Hu Jinqiu 14 points and 7 rebounds, Boluoxisi 18 points and 8 rebounds, Zhao Yanhao 13 points. The Jiangsu team Brooks 21 points and 8 rebounds, Cao Fei 14 points and 5 rebounds, 18 points in 7 Dooley chahar. The first section of the

race, the Jiangsu team was the first to get the ball, Brooks ball arc breakthrough low jump stop shooting, fordsons borrow cover slip bottom line to the rim and strong layup, Hou Yifan hit forty-five degrees on the right side of body after three minutes, Cao Fei broke through the distance step jump cast succeeded, Guangsha team requested a suspension, suspended back fordsons, emergency stop sharp break cast into, Wu Guanxi under the protection of offensive rebounds shot hit, fordsons middle break stop jump cast hand scored, Dooley police hit a low back turned hook shot, Zhao Yanhao cut off the ball Boluoxisi homeopathic hit a layup, layup hit, Cha Shun. Dooley Dianbu layup, the first day the end of the game, the Jiangsu team is leading to 27-16 guangsha.

the second quarter, Hu Jinqiu getting to the basket against the double hook up the ball hit the board, Yi Li Shun devolution basket succeeded, Hu Jinqiu under the protection of offensive rebounds off Bulan, fordsons steals a dragon breakthrough against Brooks underhand layup, Jiangsu team requested a pause, pause back, Hu Jinqiu cut down dunks then, Hu Jinqiu road layup to 2+1, observe the left angle of forty-five hit a large two points, Li Jinglong three shots hit the top of the arc, the left side of the Liu Zheng fast break layup, Brooks beat three defenders low hand layup tied 2+1, fordsons to Akira defense fadeaways hit the board, Boluoxisi low strong the basket on the counter baskets into 2+1, the end of the first half, Jiangsu Guangsha leading team to 53-50.

easy side battles, Brooks accept defensive rebounds a dragon back line jump stop shooting, Cao Feizhong jump from the shooting, Boluoxisi hit bottom three points, half basket jump shot hit Chahar Dooley, conversion attack, Boluoxisi arc three point ball again, Dooley Cha basket Hu Jin Qiupao cast shot hit singles by three points, fordsons cover shot hit, Hu Jinqiu left the paint of holding a high hit a layup, Wu Guanxi under the basket Akira defense turned layup to 2+1 Brooks, the top of the arc cover by breakthrough stop jump cast hand life, fordsons counterattack to break into the inside easy layup, the third quarter ended, Guangsha gradually expand the lead. Guangsha team to lead 83-73 team in Jiangsu.

last day, Liu Weishun ball pad step layup, Zhao Yanhao arc angle of forty-five three point shots scored, conversion attack, Shi Hongfei on the right to recover the body three points Biao shot hit Li Jinglong to Akira cast into the defense breakthrough, Jiangsu team requested a suspension, suspended back, Boluoxisi low ball back turned into hook suddenly, the Sith bolo fadeaway shot hit, Yi Li front of the ball after body shot hit three points, Brooks break layup rod inside, Wu Guanxi distance jumper, Hu Jinqiu empty basket cut dunks, Brooks grabbed offensive rebounds off Bulan, eventually, Guangsha will keep to the last home court in a 111-95 victory over the Jiangsu team.

both sides start

Guangsha team: Liu Zheng, Fortson, Su Ruoyu, Zhao Yanhao, Hu Jinqiu

Jiangsu team: Li Yuanyu, Hou Yifan, Hou Yifan,