Local star 6 consecutive 20+ super Las 12 8 lift counter frenzy

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Local star 6 consecutive 20+ super Las 12 8 lift counter frenzy

2017-12-07 00:29:29 80 ℃

Hu Jinqiu under the basket card

Beijing time on December 6th, Guangsha the pace of home court to continue to stride forward singing militant songs, 111-95 won three straight victory over Jiangsu. Hu Jinqiu got 20 points and 9 rebounds. This is the miracle that he finished 20+ in 6 matches, and he broke his career record. At the same time, he broke Yi Jianlian's record of 5 20+ players in the season, even Ding Yanyu didn't do that.

, this is just his third season. Hu Jinqiu can get 20.1 points and 10.9 rebounds on the field. It's the only local player who can get 20+10 in addition to the Arab League. He is also the best player in the third week of the league. Because of this, NBA scouts began to notice Hu Jinyu. Next summer, he is expected to follow Ding Yanyu's and Zhou Qi's footsteps to NBA for the summer tournament. In the first section of

, Guangxia was once 16-27 behind, and the second began to speed up. Hu Jinqiu and Fortson play Errenzhuan is fast, the second day just played two minutes, Fortson low eat strong history of Hongfei, he has to cut observant and alert, Hu Jinqiu empty cut dunks, won applause with the full understanding of the.

soon Fortson got into the basket again, attracted Liu Wei's defense, and found out Hu Jin Yu again. Hu Jinqiu still scored the ball under his opponent's foul. This was originally a 2+1, although the referee did not say, but with the two balls, forced the Jiangsu team to ask for a pause.

today for Hu Jinqiu, he and LeDoux contest litsa is a severe test. To know the size LITA had played with Serbia NBA, won the Olympic silver medal, and Jordan and Hince in a small test on the head 14 minutes scored 18. Hu Jinqiu was a young calf who was not afraid of the tiger. He got 11 points and 5 rebounds in the first half to help the Guangxia team successfully finish the anti super. Although

mobile phone would not out of the next game, but his efficiency really to the point of the explosion, 12 shots 8 also basically eyesight. The last section of the game, he again with Sun Minghui to match the basket, ignited the enthusiasm of the home fans, the game is also completely into the garbage time.

data from the point of view, his 20 points and 9 rebounds over even slightly scored 18 points and 8 rebounds in the Serbia national team RADUL chahar. Considering that he is only a local player, if Yi Jianlian is a foreign player, Hu Jinqiu does not.