Guoping list of World Cup controversy Lin Cheng Guoping lofty non assigned but the selection set

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Guoping list of World Cup controversy Lin Cheng Guoping lofty non assigned but the selection set

2017-12-07 00:29:36 62 ℃

yesterday, the ITTF released the first list of Chinese table tennis team in 2018 World Cup group match part of the participants. 4 contestants of the China team determined Malone, Ping Xu Xin, Fan Zhendong, Lin gao. As soon as the list was released, it was controversial on the Internet. Among them, the biggest focus is the young fellow Lin Gaoyuan selected, even some people say this is not to be divulged Guoping "inside".

forest high since early March this year through trials in table tennis talent shows itself won 2017 World Championships, qualifying. Lin Gaoyuan and Fan Zhendong are fans even once considered a new generation of Gemini guoping. However, in the 10 World Championships, in a tiebreaker 5 lead in Xu Xin's case, it was Xu Xin win. Since then, Lin was lofty fans hit "the demons are difficult to remove" label. Although he defeated Malone in the national team, but later in the game to the disparity between the strength of the opponent; and when the members of the Lin Gaoyuan began to look bad when he beat his teammate Fan Zhendong in the Asian Cup won the title; then the German open, as if the world cup scene again, he in the 10-4 to match point, opponents counterattack lost the game, the opponent is German veteran Pohl. In this way, the ups and downs of the competitive state, and the psychological state of the heart, has made fans worried about the selection of Lin Gaoyuan to participate in the world cup. Because of the International Table Tennis Federation released the news unclear, more netizens think, this competition places high Lin is also the coach group specified.

however, the fact is not the case. It is understood that during the World Cup group match before the registration, Guoping men's team held a four field trials. The 4 men are also selected by the coaching team based on the results of the 2017 domestic and international competitions. The first game by Yan An against the side ditch, Yan An comeback under the condition of two leading Party bo. Yan An won the final 3 - 2 victory over Fang Bo (-9, -6, 10,8,3). Then Lin Gao, in the first lost situation, filled the 5 games with the weekly rain, and finally got the final 3 to 2 -11,8,9 (-6,2). The final Lin was 3 - 1 over Yan An (6, -5,4,4). The qualification of the World Cup group competition was obtained.