U22 national football training and tactics training team instilled the winning goal in Dubai

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U22 national football training and tactics training team instilled the winning goal in Dubai

2017-12-26 00:26:05 337 ℃

is preparing for the third Asian U23 championship finals in Jiangsu next January. The 95 age U22 national foot in China has gone from Guangzhou to Dubai in December 19th, and has been transferred to the second stage to prepare for the battle. As the national team China construction system is an important part of the national team coach Lippi will go to Dubai after Christmas, personally supervise the U22 national football training, but also will guide the team played in the Asian championships. This may be a rare opportunity for all U22 football players. It is worth noting that the team starts from the first day of the training, and the coach group repeatedly instills and emphasizes the goal "win the championship". It's a phenomenon that has never been in for years.

Dubai transferred to technology and tactics training,

China's "Guo Guo foot" was launched in Guangzhou in December 7th. The training has called up 28 players, 6 players in 6 with the national team for the East Asian Cup and the German team is not willing to put the SV Werder Bremen in advance as soon as possible to return to Zhang Yuning, the other 21 players have been in accordance with the time arrived in Guangzhou to attend the training camp. To follow the entire coaching team in Guangzhou during the period of preparation, is mainly responsible for the de Rosso, focus on the players reserve.

because the players also participated in the four national games in Tuyun in November after the end of the league, the body was relatively tired. As a result, the players won a short holiday after the four countries were over. After rejoined the team, the players immediately started two exercises in Guangzhou, focusing on the recovery of . After all, the players after the holidays in all aspects should be started, compared to rival the future championship on the Qatar team, Oman team in the League because, regardless of physical condition or competitive state are not dominant, we must enhance the ability and the opponents at the same level of competition.

after 10 days of hard work, the team finished the first stage of preparation. In December 19th, the team went directly to Dubai from Guangzhou, where the second stage of the preparation was transferred to the technical and tactical rehearsal. During this period, the team will still arrange two exercises a day and then gradually turn into one day and one practice. Dubai, U22 national football training camp after the establishment of the national team and Olympic team, the team choose to stay in a five star hotel in Dubai, the training is arranged in a Dubai Prince stadium stadium, the stadium from the hotel to drive 15 minutes, while the strength training can be in the hotel gym. And in 2015 October in Dubai set up a national team training camp, training a private course owned by members of the royal family; age 93 Olympic team before in 2016 January second U23 Championships in the United Arab Emirates for, choose a hotel in Abu Dhabi, the hotel itself with a the training ground.

from the beginning this Sunday, U22 the football championship in group phase cycle time node, to participate in three consecutive warm-up match, the main objective is to warm up technical and tactical drills through the actual test results, found the problem and then after the training in , finally to do for the championship. Yesterday (24 days) in the first warm-up match, U22 to 2 country 2 draw with the UAE League club muhurta team, Yao Junsheng and Hu Jinghang into a ball in the second half.

arrived in Dubai, Maddaloni entered the role and began to take charge of the team's technical and tactical training .

in addition to maddaloni, six follow the Orangemen to participate in East Asian Cup players Liu Yiming, Deng Hanwen, He Chao, quasi high wing, Wei Shihao and Yang Liyu in after the return, did not immediately to the ball team, after Lippi and maddaloni negotiations and gave them a few days holiday. In December 22nd, the six players were going to Dubai with the leader Liu Dianqiu and an interpreter to join the team. In this way, with Zhang Yuning from Germany in December 21st, all the players will be here. The

the 28 people who went to Dubai for training had a lot of changes compared with the four nations competition of Tuyun in November. There were 19 players who participated in Tuyun four national games. 6 with the national team players back is a plus, goalkeeper and Zhang Yuning Yuchen week center back, a staff appeared 8 people change. A little surprising is the selection of Liu Ruofan in the 99 age group of U18 nations, the first in the 95 - age group.