Third people in history! Tang Shen even 89 battles in the three points without the warriors still do not lack of God

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Third people in history! Tang Shen even 89 battles in the three points without the warriors still do not lack of God

2017-12-28 18:31:27 295 ℃


Beijing time on December 28th, Thompson hit a giant warrior Dikaigaozou battle, he in the first half, only 6 in 1 Crazy blacksmith case, two 6 in 4 after a strong rebound, and wind up to 3 record three points, allowing him to continue in 89 consecutive games hit a record three points and tied, Dana Barros tied for the third person in history. Thompson's 15 point score is not high, but it is still the three - point player in the match with Nikya.

because another splash brothers continue to curry out injured, so heavy offensive warriors backcourt undoubtedly to Thompson, while the soup in the first two sections is God in madness. In the first half of the game, Thompson efficiency downturn is difficult to find shooting sight, only 1 of the 6 in the blacksmith got 4 points. More miserable is that Thompson played the first half team up to 17 minutes, and the presence of positive and negative values of -3 for starting five minimum value, is undoubtedly a very embarrassing thing.

fortunately, into the second half Thompson soon ushered in a strong recovery in the third quarter, he went up in a distance of 2 points, and Durant soared in three minutes, immediately with a body after three hits, he scored the first field individual three pointers. When Thompson in the game shooting sight back, Sir Alex won on the defensive end to limit his rage, after Thompson is also continuing soared in three minutes, let him be in the third quarter and 8 points, the individual score to 12 points to avoid a number of embarrassing. As for the

small game has to advance into garbage time, but Thompson in the middle of the Jazz slightly chase points sign, again is a record three points per game, and help the warriors again get up to 28 points ahead of the game, but also completely into the garbage time.

Thompson with a 5 in 3 with three points, he has 89 consecutive games hit three balls, tied by long historical record of third Dana Barros held 127 consecutive games, and Stephen curry after the Korver 157 consecutive games, becoming the third person in history.