The most stable three points 10 thunder fire in 7, Westbrook super two legend, with strong technical fouls eating conflict

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The most stable three points 10 thunder fire in 7, Westbrook super two legend, with strong technical fouls eating conflict

2017-12-28 18:32:39 792 ℃

Beijing time in December 28th, the NBA regular season continued, in a focus against the thunderbolt at home. The four quarter of the war, the thunder 124 to 107 beat the dragon, six win, to the Dragon two even defeat. Wei won three pairs of data, the number of assists beyond Jordan and Billups, George hit 7 three points, to get the top 33 points.

player data: Thunder Westbrook 30 points, 13 assists, 8 rebounds, Anthony 18 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists, George three points, 10 shots, 7 points, 33 points, 8 rebounds, Adams scores, rebounds, steals and Felton scores. Toronto guns misfiring, Lori 13 points and 10 assists, DeRozan 15 points and 6 rebounds, Meyers hit 6 three pointers to get 20 points, Waland Nath 16 points and 2 rebounds, Ibaka 7 points and 2 rebounds, Boulter 13 points and 6 rebounds.

last game, the thunder defeated the Rockets in the Christmas War and won five consecutive wins, stabilizing the fifth place in the West. The Raptors accidentally lost the Mavericks at the bottom of the west, giving out the first place in the West. In this game, thunder three giants battle, Toronto Deluozan spear and Lori led from the start.

the advantage of thunder's main force accumulation is instantly vanished, raptor's substitutes get 10 points, and thunder substitutes 1 points did not take. In the second competition, Felton hit the shot, Meyers hit three points and the thunderbolt was suspended. After the pause, there was no change. Boulter went under the basket. Wright played 2+1. The Raptor was 12 points ahead of the 46 - 34. George and Westbrook even after 4 minutes, the day with 7 minutes 48 seconds, Westbrook clashed with Waland Nath, the ball Westbrook interference breakthrough was lying on the ground after the ball, Waland Nath wants to attack the ball, but Westbrook angrily refused, the two sides clashed, the referee gave two people a technical foul. After the conflict, Westbrook and Waland Nath each scored a goal, Adams grabbed offensive rebounds, his foul two free throws after three pass from George Westbrook succeeded, his two free throws, thunder 45 48 only 3 points behind. After the suspension, Waland Nath under the basket, George hit three points, the power less buckle, the thunder equaliser. DeRozan and Waland Nath inside points, Westbrook, Anthony George hit three points not resigned to playing second fiddle, ball, Westbrook scored three succeeded, thunder 63 than 56 leading 7 points. Meyers also hit three points, yibaka back dunks, raptors and catch the score 63 than 64. Lori fouled Grant, Grant's three penalty two, the half - field end of the thunder 66 - 63 lead 3 points. In the half - time, 6 assists were delivered, and the number of assists reached 5636. The number of career assists also surpassed Jordan (5633) to the history of forty-third.

third quarter competition, Anthony two penalties, Wei less single game, George hit three points, three giants power, thunder lead 10 points. After two penalties, Waland Nath scored seventh assists in the field, 5637 assists in career and 5636 in Billups's field. Jabbar ranked the front of (5660 assists). The thunderbolt was more blooming, and the thunderbolt was 14 points ahead of the 79 - 65. Lori singles succeeded, Deluozan beat 2+1, Lori three fouls after three free throws, the Raptors to catch the score 73 than 79. The key moment, George hit three points, Anthony under the basket, Hugh Justice hit three points, the thunder 89 - 78 lead 11 points. Boulter came under the basket, the scene of the ceiling appeared smoke, the game was suspended. After a short treatment, the game continued, Anthony and Wei used personal ability singles to score, Meyers hit three points, and the thunderbolt was 10 points ahead of 87. Heustis off Bulan, Felton hit the buzzer three, the end of the three quarter of 102 than 88 thunder leading 14 points.

final victory Festival, Powell under the basket, George shot back, Felton and Grant entered, the thunder 108 - 90 lead 18 points. Bolt M and Vliet chased 4 points, and Adams scored in a row to return to 18 points. After a pause, Waland Nath scored the basket, Adams received a pass after Westbrook, by Waland Nath buckle, domineering. The Raptors attack resistance, Paul George hit sixth three pointers, thunder 117 than 96 leading 21 points. Kyle Lowry