Zhou Qi refused the command of the rocket manager? Zhou Qi: Well no capital!

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Zhou Qi refused the command of the rocket manager? Zhou Qi: Well no capital!

2017-12-28 18:32:49 853 ℃

netizens are also very warm heart, no black week Qi has left a message: "Zhou Qi saw Houston 4 o'clock sun, salute Kobe Bryant!" "No, too, efforts will be successful on their own," a week to do hard work, I'm not black he!" "I hope the pay will be rewarded." The hope is more and more strong, the quantitative change causes the qualitative change, hits out a piece of heaven and earth, for the motherland! Zhou Qihui, "inside".

on the CBA and NBA gap, Zhou Qi said after entering into the NBA, in a meeting with Paul 1 to 1 singled out, he was the first to feel the opposite is the beast, against themselves have a feeling of suffocation Paul, though much shorter than him, but Zhou Qi could not push Paul. From then on, he knew he was in, before the winner take all is not what, even in the face of the ordinary NBA players are unable to overcome them.

now look at Zhou Qi playing, it is very painful. Such a good height, arm development, and good flexibility, but you see him playing, he will feel that he did not use his talent, and did not show it. According to the NBA Rockets' team reporter, the Rockets gave rest to all players on Christmas day, without training, and coaches and athletes went home to accompany their families and children. But Zhou Qi came to the training ground alone, and did it alone.

learning Kobe. People get up at 4 a.m. and start training. What is it? Is to be able to maintain a good state of competition, good skill and level. The rest of others, he in practice, this natural rockets marshal DAntoni also very moved. Zhou Qi was on the edge of rotation and occasionally had a chance to get out. Now, he may also reconsider more performance for Zhou Qi. Today he with practical actions that the attitude: the injury of automatons Acoo delegated to go vipers, and Zhou Qi did not delegate.

Zhou Qi also talked about NBA came to know he is a frog, he said: "I want to be healthy, this is a player playing in the capital, now see the Rockets, most is the lack of health, a lot of players injured, no health can't do anything I want, health on the line, don't hurt. "I want to go further," Zhou Qi said. "I want to have more time in the Rockets, and I hope I'll get better and better, that's enough. "