The football association is unrest! At a conference today, new evidence has been added to the change of Cai Zhenhua.

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The football association is unrest! At a conference today, new evidence has been added to the change of Cai Zhenhua.

2017-12-28 18:32:54 964 ℃

reporter Cheng Shan reported

all the personnel arrangements and foreign policy and foreign policy and the Olympic strategy of men and women, which are far-reaching influence on Chinese football, are all technical aspects. This year is not only related to a series of policies made by Cai Zhenhua in the name of the Football Association, but also a rather long term impact on Chinese football, not only for 35 years.

1 16, China Football Association released the new deal in the joint, in the 2017 season of Super League, playing the foreign athletes (including the AFC Member Association for the athletes) a total of three passengers. Foreign players (including the AFC member association is registered, the registration number of athletes) rules, unchanged; in the 2017 season, Super League, should be included in at least two U23 domestic players in the list of athletes (born after January 1, 1994), one of the U23 as the first domestic athletes athletes. Things happened so suddenly, in the football association and many people also have the point to be caught off guard.

at the Wuhan conference, Zhang Jilong and Wei Jixiang no longer served as the vice president of the Chinese Football Association, Zhang Jilong served as the consultant of the Chinese Football Association, and there were also 6 Chinese Football Association executive committee's adjustment. Zhang Jilong was on the football Chinese branded, 2002 World Cup and often Ge together.

this conference is more than just established, procedural. Cai Zhenhua said at the meeting is not what is special, he introduced the "overall plan" China football reform and development introduced in recent years, in the football environment, management system, long-term development planning, management and coordination of the football industry development pattern has made such a positive effect".

at the same time, after several years of understanding, he also believes that "for the development of Chinese football, we should be full of confidence and face problems." He concluded that the problems faced by Chinese football are manifold, such as weak foundation, lack of talents, scarce sites, poor system and lagging management. It is acknowledged that "our backwardness is all-around."

this is a summary of the current situation that really, Chinese football based on the conclusions of the meeting but then the staff said "questions have existed for many years, there is no solution", this is the problem of Cai Zhenhua football team, some of the problems beyond football even beyond the sports category, is the need for all aspects of all sectors of society to jointly promote the.

when the Department of education and the Football Association on the surface of harmony, but also the actual dingniu, even the youth system and the Ministry of education and the football association football on campus to promote it, as can be imagined, the Football Association's plight is not a solution to the problem.

on Cai Zhenhua that "football development is a system engineering", since it is a system engineering, but until he gradually fade out the football project, also did not come up with a very clear way to support, "adhere to the problem oriented, do top layer design", from this point, Cai Zhenhua is not in place, there is not much difference with his predecessors.

in football director Cai Zhenhua in a few years, he has a move brought great changes to the Chinese Football Association, that is the power of the national team coach of the Football Association of decentralization, past intervention Guozihao coach is too large, resulting in the team cohesion is affected, it is difficult to show the best match the level of.

but after Lippi came, not only has high voice.