It is better to cultivate Xu Xin than Zheng Zhi in the eyes of 200 million Lippi's eyes.

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It is better to cultivate Xu Xin than Zheng Zhi in the eyes of 200 million Lippi's eyes.

2017-12-28 18:34:28 996 ℃

some time ago by the domestic media coverage to Ho purchase five U23 players in Guangzhou Hengda, but on Christmas Eve, only Deng Hanwen, Yang Liyu and Tang Xuan three people, Zhang Xiuwei and ho two super big U22 national team midfielder does not have any news, this also let fans waiting for some do not meet the number Guangzhou Hengda signings.

is a luxury purchase to Guangzhou Hengda more than U23 players, on the one hand is to cope with the next season in the U23 deal, on the other hand, in order to promote the process of the whole class, Deng Hanwen, Yang Liyu, and Zhang Tang, how to fix the super five U23 players is the same age of each local best position now, start to buy it can continue to maintain the super dominance in the future.

Deng Hanwen, Yang Liyu and Tang Shi three U23 players successfully signed. Why did Guangzhou Hengda have no official Xuan Zhang Xiuwei and he Chao? The reason is that Zhang Xiuwei was sentenced to drunk driving and the result of the news of age fraud. Even if it was introduced, it did not match the next season's super U23 new deal. However, the introduction of Changchun's Yatai opened a 200 million yuan bid that surprised Guangzhou Hengda.

as a result of this season in Changchun Yatai U23 player's performance is steady, and in the U22 national team and the East Asian Cup and other events played a good role, also let the kick back position He Chao received the attention of Guangzhou Hengda. And let Guangzhou Hengda really intentional introduction, mainly Lippi will be the most appropriate to evaluate the successor Zheng Zhi's choice, so that He Chao's price increases.

Changchun Yatai, in order to avoid he Chao being dug away, is currently bidding the price of 2 billion for He Chao's international identity, which is why Guangzhou Hengda is hesitant. However, according to the Nandu reporter, Guangzhou Hengda still chasing He Chao, taking into account the transfer fee adjustment limit, do not rule out the Guangzhou Hengda will imitate Liu Jianjia cash for Deng Hanwen way with Changchun Yatai trading.

actually, I believe that Guangzhou Hengda and its strong efforts to dig Zheng Zhi's successor in Lippi's eyes is better than to cultivate another potential waist in the team, that is, next year's 24 year old Xu Xin. Xu Xin's fitness is what Chaohao, plus in the Madrid athletics team B played for many years, the overall situation and technology will be better than what super.

can not see any offensive ability in the U22 national team and the East Asian Cup event. Xu Xin is in the lead. Although Xu Xin's short and organizational deficiencies, but the assault capability, high-speed plug and long-range capability where they are super, but there are plenty of stamina. As long as next season manager Cannavaro reuses Xu Xin more, he believes there will be a greater growth.