To avoid large constant warfare, Rong Hao said with a smile: anyway, used to watch them play off

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To avoid large constant warfare, Rong Hao said with a smile: anyway, used to watch them play off

2018-04-13 00:25:08 80 ℃

reporter Bai Guohua reported

this season, Shenhua team "Hengda old man" was a Rong Hao in the transfer window closed before the fast was loaned to Shanghai shenhua. After Shenhua, back immediately the balm played his part, started all 5 league games and game play, and presented a assists.

Rong Hao joined Shenhua, the two clubs and Rong Hao is the "win win win". Hengda players, not lack of relevant position in personnel, Shenhua less, there are many vacancies in the backcourt, Rong Hao is willing to play in Zhejiang Shenhua, after all he Greentown cooperation and currently Shenhua coach Wu Jingui.

Rong Hao came just in time, Shenhua in the backcourt more than the main start to suffer injuries during the season, joining Rong Hao is undoubtedly timely assistance. Although in Guangzhou Hengda not playing ball, but to Shanghai Shenhua, Rong Hao Wu Jingui was regarded as the absolute main team, the five round of the Super League all starts and played the full 90 minutes, Rong Hao's performance is getting better and better.

the last round, Shanghai Shenhua away 2 to 0 victory over Beijing and Romero opened the scoring for him is Rong Hao sent pass, after which he joined Shanghai Shenhua first sent assists. At that time, zhisai Rong Hao received baijiajun, on the left triangular flat ball, follow up the penalty kick near Romero tui. The next game, Rong Hao continued to create a good opportunity for several times in Shanghai Shenhua, but the outflanking teammates failed to grasp.

can be seen, after Rong Hao after a period of time with the team running state is getting better and better. In this regard, Rong Hao said: "I do not feel that they are playing well, but also in time to find the hope that after the game can play better."

Rong Hao in Shanghai Shenhua to find their own position, however, the Shenhua and Hengda game, according to the agreement with Shenhua Hengda before the game, Rong Hao should be avoided, unable to play. "Not on the side, and see how they play." Rong Hao smiled and said, "anyway, before the presence of watch when they play quite much, accustomed to."

for Rong Hao, he and Shenhua loan was only half a year, when the summer window, whether he will move to Shenhua, the two clubs also need to negotiate, there are huge variations in the middle.

from Hengda joined Shenhua team, a lot of people. Before him, Li Jianbin and Li Shuai in the Shanghai Shenhua firmly secured the main position. This season, Li Jianbin injured, continue to miss the game, while goalkeeper Li Shuai is still standing in the front of Shenhua, blocking the former teammates shot. Of course, there are also Hengda old Qin Sheng, he has become the absolute main shenhua.

since the 2016 season, this is Li Shuai in Shenhua's third season, Li Shuai in Shenhua is becoming more and more stable, play a more and more outstanding. But in this year's Super Cup, Shenhua is 4 than 1 beat Hengda home court, the most interesting is that the Gao Lin foot long passes because of interference in the Chinese Super directly into the door, as Gao Lin's friend, Li Shuai was so "embarrassed" goal, as can be imagined. "We have the strength gap, but we are home court battle, play the greatest ability, other do not think." Li Shuai said. For Gao Lin, he smiled and said: "certainly can not let him score!"