Huaxia's happiness put treasure all in the foreign aid to the worker: This is the worst game of the season.

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Huaxia's happiness put treasure all in the foreign aid to the worker: This is the worst game of the season.

2018-04-14 10:25:05 113 ℃

in Shanghai yesterday for two games, Shenhua 2 than 2 by Evergrande, on port 2 to 0 win over China yiqijuechen.

estimated that there will be less Shenhua fans love this saying, what is there Hengda? Is ara a chance to win?

is certainly good. Shenhua this game won the chance is not a bit less than Hengda, or even more, just two points:

, who did not hold on. I almost got his name and World War II German star Guderian mixed reading. Guderian is the German Blitzkrieg, armored warfare, tank warfare founder, as early as the end of the war, he advocated the study of mechanized troops for the modern war theory, while the British invented the tank, size and speed are awkward as head of buffalo, Guderian found the prototype of future war in which. A little bit of a similar

goodleigh Guderian tactics, his body is not strong defensive loss, like tanks rolling as hard, his team did not eat yesterday Mo deficiency, and weak in South Korea but not in time to stop the whistle.

yesterday, sixty-eighth minutes of the game, who kicked a world wave. But when he shot the door in the front of the forbidden area, the Shenhua team's back was seen far and far, not in place in time. If there is a little positive interference or blocking loophole, who will die the world wave. The ball flying distance, power and angle are good, and the effect of hitting points just in the instep, all excellent shooting elements all together, and thus a wave of the world. This powerful, this sudden shots, a mechanized Blitzkrieg Guderian taste. But Shenhua team a moment of achievement is loose, "Guderian", who is not.

said second points. Zhu Jianrong didn't say much about the two time before the shot. He didn't waste the opportunity third times, but he knocked off the door of the Evergrande team. It's Liu Ruofan. The second half of the good opportunity, from the back to his teammates the ball almost is fed to him, the opposite is had to abandon the door but Hengda goalkeeper Zeng Cheng, as long as he shoots the ball up, when the entry rates above 80%. But Liu Ruofan has no direct shot, but chest to stop a steady shot again, but the ball landed, no chance, Zeng Cheng will not let you save. Only the distance between the needle on the football field, and often, if not timely grasp, probably "between yin and Yang". After the game, Liu Ruofan said, "no more opportunities can be wasted." he also knows how important it is to go out if he scored.

missed these two points, and it was 2 to 2. It can be said with Hengda tied not what, after all the past and Hengda played 14 times, 1 wins 2 flat 11 negative data, one-sided, a super cup of 1 or more than 4. But people have to have a thinking, especially in this game and the opportunity to win, it is a pity to have to sigh!

from the tactical organization, the game of their good command, because the midfield strength is not enough, Shenhua still adopts the "fast through midfield" long, before and after the joint does not look beautiful, but highlight the front second point competition, equal to the "access" moved to other areas, repeatedly applied the pressure on both sides opened the road don't pass, life at top speed, the strength increases, the only requirement is that the players at the force to run, sprint. The teammates are doing very hard, it looks like this part of the training and adjustment is good, continue to go on!

wants to be professionalism and don't get hurt again, even at home.

"Shenhua holding Hengda", who is benefiting? The port of the same city. Yesterday they had no suspense to 2 to 0 victory over Hebei, China, the 6 game winning streak, Yiqijuechen, will with second Hengda opened the gap to 5 points. If we do not make mistakes, the gap between the 5 points should be narrowed. In my view, it is difficult.

on the port of Hebei and Huaxia in this game, the advantages of the port of nature is not much said, I just want to say a few more: how is the

Hua Xia? It is made without the disease, the last year that brightens up the feeling, around 90 minutes, is doing. It seems to be running all the time, but never run to the point. Why? The

Huaxia sees two points, one is Ravitch, and the other is the "thermal bird". Of course, there is also a coach, Pellegrini, who is said to be one of the top salaries in the world.

yesterday, Ravitch looked old, don't feed him a penalty against the back of the game, he only want to do is to prove their goals, and then into a dead end, ignoring his teammates, a heavy ball. But solitary end face of public boxing hand in Hong Kong back off, Ravitch only constant errors and fell to the ground. Last year he was able to have a bright performance in front of the door, without his teammates' passing. Once his mind was out of balance, everything was gone.

"thermal bird" once had a strong nuclear bomb last year, blowing a Black Whirlwind on the side of the road. But since the injured after the play, no longer past the courage, is now only to see him the ball, he can not see anyone, is like a run in the grasslands of the antelope, can draw, but not a selling point.

and Pellegrini, who has coached Real Madrid in Chile, in the Super League and other foreign teachers, adhering to the same thinking, is to use the best foreign aid to this goal, and last year, Hong Kong boas are very much alike. This kind of thinking can not be said wrong, in the case of weak local players, use foreign aid as the main force, in any team in the Chinese super team. The problem is the treasure of the pressure in foreign body and no other fresh Gu FLAC, once the foreign aid condition falls, the car lost power, such a situation in the Chinese team who is the most outstanding thermal power to the Chinese bird fell 30% to 30%, Ravitch low, would Pellegrini. Hong Kong, you use the 40% Chinese against 100% how to win?

, after the game yesterday, had to admit, "this is the worst game of the season."

how is the Chinese happy to Shanghai hit 6, did not take away 1 points, one is not happy. The devil is Shanghai, is it really the land of the Chinese happiness of the devil?

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