Jana Messi made 6 balls in 4 games! The 1 advantage of K seckill League Golden Boot he is the key points of TEDA

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Jana Messi made 6 balls in 4 games! The 1 advantage of K seckill League Golden Boot he is the key points of TEDA

2018-04-14 20:25:04 115 ℃

Beijing time in April 14th, the 2018 season of the sixth round of the Super League, Tianjin Taida home town 2-1 reverse Guangzhou rich, to rich force two consecutive defeat. Chen Zhizhao first scored a goal in the opening game. Subsequently, TEDA in 2 minutes by Mikel and 2011 even into the two ball counter ultra score. But the team's biggest winner was a two - time assists.

after the first two rounds extremely, which was tested in Tianjin TEDA foreign aid association, last season's relegation hero Achim Pentti as first team, K League Golden Boot Jonathan has lost his place. This change Stielike, completely activated TEDA attack, they get 7 points in the recent good performance in the 4 round, the only person to return to the starting Achim Peng made 6 ball team become the key of successful grab.

for the new season, Tianjin TEDA introduced last season's K League Golden Boot Jonathan, and in the first two games in its start. However, although the Brazilian front of Qiangdian ability, positive attitude, but in Tianjin TEDA team in the frontcourt, is not enough to support Jonathan as the lone striker repeatedly breaking the goal.

played a defensive role in Achim Pentti's two forwards as a single striker. In the two games of Tianjin's TEDA, he resolutely used his speed to defend and counter attack. In the face of Tianjin Quan Jian, Achim Pentti put on a hat trick and became a derby hero. In the "Beijing Tianjin Derby" in the war, Achim Pentti scored a goal to help the team get away.

's home court facing Guangzhou R & F, and Achim Pentti's magical play, helping the team win home court. Twenty-sixth minutes, Li Mupeng Archie ball on the bottom line, relying on a flexible body through the defensive players complete the pass, Mikel stuck with the body turned yellow Zhengyu calm qiaoshe, helping the team to tie the game. Only 2 minutes later, TEDA won the right corner, Aqimupeng right corner from 2011, heading off into the point after the dead, TEDA anti super magic.

, moreover, before the end of the first half, Achim Pentti narrowly completed the goal in the penalty area. Chesting after he turned and hit the door, hit the remote post in front of the goal of regret.

actually, Tianjin TEDA's first 6 rounds of the season did not improve significantly compared with the last season. Even the winning and losing relations were the same, all of which were 2 wins, 2 draws, 2 losses. However, Tianjin Taida played a defensive counter attack tactics, still a lot of fans are amazed. They can win from the opponents who are stronger than their rivals. The TEDA, a Tianjin player who was considered to be out of season before this season, has become the China Super midstream team now.