Tardelli's 6 - Game 7 - ball scorer chased Wu Lei and he had never lost his goal.

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Tardelli's 6 - Game 7 - ball scorer chased Wu Lei and he had never lost his goal.

2018-04-15 00:25:08 100 ℃

Beijing time April 14th evening, 2018, the sixth round of the Super League competition, Shandong Luneng town Ji'nan Olympic Sports Center 2-0 win Dalian one side, ended two defeats. At present, Shandong Luneng 4 win 2 negative product 12 points in the third table, second only to Shanghai and Guangzhou Hengda.

there is no doubt that the Shandong Luneng in the game to win the biggest hero is Tardelli, he arranged the team two goals: thirty-first minutes, Shandong Luneng U23 player Liu Yang restricted the right pass, Tardelli restricted area before the small Dianshe break, helping the team to establish 1-0 leading advantage; victory at Shandong Luneng need the second goal. Tardelli again, seventy-sixth minutes, Tardelli on the right side of the box rib to the ball, the ball in a defensive midfielder Cui Mingan on the arm, the referee Zhao Zhizhi decisive penalty, but a party disputes this, through the video referee penalty without error. Tardelli personally kick hit the Shandong Luneng 2-0 victory.

with two goals to help Shandong win Tardelli, Luneng, ended two game losing streak, it is necessary to point out that this is the team two goals only recently come round. The previous two games, Shandong Luneng first home 0-2 to Guizhou Hengfeng, and then 0-1 away from Guangzhou Hengda. From past results, Shandong Luneng can win depends on Tardelli play, if the Brazil goal in front of God, then the team unbeaten, once Tardelli misfiring, not only difficult to score, but the team lost the basic declaration!

this season, Shandong Luneng super start to harvest the three game winning streak, the basic on Tardelli: the first round, Shandong Luneng home court in 3-0 victory over Beijing Guoan, Tardelli scored two; second round, Shandong Luneng home court 2-0 victory Chongqing Lifan, Tardelli scored a goal; the third round, Shandong Luneng 2-1 beat Hebei Huaxia happiness, Tardelli arranged two goals. That is to say, the first six rounds of Shandong Luneng match scored 8 goals, of which Tardelli scored 6 goals by one person, almost as a team of Brazil forward. Tardelli

outstanding performance, so he tied for second place with Guangzhou bodied striker Zahavi, second only to the Hong Kong Shanghai striker Wu Lei 9 ball. According to statistics this season, as long as we didn't achieve the goal, Shandong Luneng can be unbeaten. Thus, Shandong Luneng who want to get good grades, need a lot of goals.