"Chinese Messi chandaoqiu kicked: 48 year old world marshal facepalm read head!

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"Chinese Messi chandaoqiu kicked: 48 year old world marshal facepalm read head!

2018-04-16 00:25:04 119 ℃

Super League sixth round final exciting showdown, Chongqing Siwei sits against the powerful Beijing Guoan home court, Beijing Guoan finally in the case of a poor start, doggedly locked in 3-3, on the road to win the precious 1 points. In this game, Chongqing embodies the great offensive Swinburne firepower, start ahead of 2-0, but the team at the age of 24, "Messi Chinese" wasted to help the team's chances of success, his chandaoqiu opportunity make people feel helpless.

which is in the second half of the match fifty-seventh minutes when the opponent has been Chongqing ABC to close to 3-3 level, team headed star Fernando is a small motorcycle to long range from the back, with the speed of life times off more than half, Guoan defensive player, he'll end up nice ball to pass to the left unmarked teammate Feng Jin, this pass helped Feng Jin get a great opportunity for single ball, it can be said that the small motorcycle has paved the way for Feng Jin to all.

, however, Feng Jin was eventually shot the ball in the air, it has sufficient adjustment time chandaoqiu opportunity by Feng Jin living waste. See this scene, the world team Portugal marshal Paul Bento directly turned to walk away, Feng Jin can miss so incredible opportunity. Later, when he was shown to Paul and Bento again, he sat on the coach seat and shook his head in his right hand. He felt helpless for the team to miss such a single chance.

Feng Jin is only 24 years old, but young fame, who also dubbed the "Chinese Messi", at the foot of the superior technology of local players, last season he had made 15 appearances for Chongqing in the Super League, scoring 1 goals and contributed 1 assists. In this game, he also had his great performance, after just 2 minutes, Feng Jin in front to a teammate, a beautiful ball playing Guoan shows great skill.

"but this foot China Messi will score hit fly but really made a lot of fans disappointed, it also makes people once again saw the Chinese players at the critical moment of the shooting technique and psychological quality. China men now is the lack of ability to grasp the opportunity of the first players, even China striker Wu Lei often on the Orangemen to miss a single ball opportunity, Feng Jin this opportunity could not hold is mad the team coach, if this goal, maybe the game will be completely different results. (old Qiu's super ball review)