One man beat a team! Harden 44 points and 8 rockets to win the playoffs of the Timberwolves

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One man beat a team! Harden 44 points and 8 rockets to win the playoffs of the Timberwolves

2018-04-16 20:25:02 128 ℃

of the first Western home court against eighth rocket Timberwolves in three teammates suck (25 for 3), Paul downturn, harden took over the attack, scored 44 points, the last 5 minutes and scored 13 points, defeating the wolves won the series 104-101 rocket after the season opener.

to continue to feed the harden cake, help Cappella single scored 10 points, single handedly harden former Rockets 19 points (all from his score or pass), but the rocket broke up three are poor (8 for 1), Paul is the 2 of 0 shots, 3 turnovers, wolves continue to create killer, play the 15-4 wave of climax equaliser. Paul finally hit three points, the last attack scored the first rocket assists Nene, 27-21 leading end. The second section of Paul alone led to poor results, Crawford three points hit, the Timberwolves once against the score. But Harden continues to play for Downes and roll, or a layup or assists. In addition to eating the cake, Cappella has completed two attacks many times, even three off the line in Europe to get three people into the basket. Wiggins and Ross have been blocked on the defensive end. Two dry Stubbs harden singled out three points, the Rockets 11-0 re opened the score difference. Ross returned 3 goals, Butler caused Cappella foul three penalty, the Timberwolves halftime 47-54.

James half roll shock Downes, Butler, Wiggins singled out xinshounianlai, half got 19 points and 5 assists, Cappella 20 points and 10 rebounds, two people in the team three points in 19 of 4 (5 in 3 others harden, 14 in 1) under the condition of prop up the attack, arranged the team's final 22 points.

Wiggins in the third quarter, Gibson hit two 2+1, Butler, Wiggins, Teague are to grasp the opportunities, hit 3 record three points, the Timberwolves 15-4 start counter ultra score. In the face of Ross's completion of the 3+1, the Cappella fast break dunk, the rocket regained the lead. Ross had 5 points, Downes hit the shot. But Harry has 3 times to eat Ross to cut 8 points, the rocket 76-72 lead in the third quarter, the first three hdon three points 8 of 5, 21 team teammates in the 2. The fourth section three rocket broke up still feeling bad, Crawford and Jean led a counterattack, the former hit 2 record three points, Timberwolves 86-85 counter ultra score! The key moment of the rocket defense blocking the opponent, harden again 3 Jiangong layup, two dry Stubbs three points with 12 points, and then assists Cappella Kon, the Rockets suddenly opened the score. The wolves here. Teague responded with 6 points, making free throws, Minnesota last 1 minutes to 97-102 behind. Harden three points not, Teague counterattack caused Paul foul two free throws in the final 26.3 seconds to 99-102! Paul on the free throw line two penalty. Downes Paul scored a long shot, sixth turnovers. 3 points behind the wolves last 8.7 seconds there is a chance, Butler the face of Tucker difficult to promote hand does not, the final 101-104 loss.

harden 44 points 8 assists, Cappella 24 points 12 board, Paul 14 shot 5 of 14 points 4 assists 6 turnovers.

Butler 13 points and 5 rebounds, 15 points and 9 rebounds and 8 assists Teague, Downes 8 points and 12 rebounds, Wiggins 18 points, Ross 16 points, Crawford 15 points.