Guo Ailun, do you? Or do you not do it? Without a steady mood, there will still be no Championship

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Guo Ailun, do you? Or do you not do it? Without a steady mood, there will still be no Championship

2018-04-16 20:25:04 150 ℃

in the G1 finals, when asked how to play well in the finals, Guo Shiqiang and Li Chunjiang mentioned a word the same mentality. The word

has a completely different interpretation of the two teams. The

team's first history in the finals was the poor people of this class, who stood naked and stood on the stage of the finals with a challenger. The opposite Liaoning, with the 6 times the embarrassing record of the Asian army, bears great pressure and can not be lost. The difference of

mentality, in the minor influence of two teams play, and these nuances are likely at a certain moment suddenly spread, and become a fatal factor to influence the situation.

, therefore, two experienced coaches are giving psychological massage to the players. Li Chunjiang's core idea is "holding the attitude of studying in Liaoning to play the finals," Guo Shiqiang's idea is "normal mind."

, of course. At the level of finals, Guangxia wants to do more than learn from Liaoning. They learn more from Beijing and Sichuan, who beat Liaoning 2 times in the past 4 years, which is their most realistic learning goal.

Beijing and Sichuan in the defeat of Liaoning, there is a very important stage, that is, to make Liaoning members of the mental imbalance.

what Liaoning is going to do is, as Guo Shiqiang has presented to the outside world, that Liaoning needs to keep a normal mind, put down the burden, and play the final easily.

has a common heart of Liaoning, is very terrible.

so last night, when Guo Ailun in the fourth quarter and Liu Zheng under the basket conflict, Guo Shiqiang was anxious to take advantage of the edge of the spot, the referee stop play Kung Fu, he immediately called Guo Ailun to appease the mood around. Before that, Guo Ailun was the winner of the team's local players, while Liu Zheng, the opposite, was 0 points, 0 assists and 3 rebounds.

if Guo Ailun was in the conflict with Liu Zheng and both were expelled by the referee, it was a bargain for Liaoning. When

Liu Zheng kicked Guo Ailun crotch, if not his teammates pulled, it is difficult to predict what Guo Ailun would do. I don't know if at that moment, Guo Ailun would think of an unpleasant incident in Sichuan two years ago, and Guo Ailun was one of the leading roles.

is still 5 minutes from the end, and the difference is 11 points. In this conflict, Lin Zhijie immediately hit a record high of three difficult points, lit home court reversed mood, after 19 seconds, Guo Ailun in the corner for a hand also hit three points, the game once again returned to Liaoning's control.

. "After that conflict, I told him to calm down, calm down in the game, calm down, win the ball and win."

Guo Shiqiang's appeasing heart played a role, and Guo Ailun became the winner of Liaoning's last moment. At the last minute of the

competition, when Guo Ailun was replaced, he was still discussing the conflict with the teammate on the bench. Han Dejun was at the edge of the field, and he was constantly leading Guo Ailun, hoping that he could calm his mind.

after the game, Guo Ailun is talking about the conflict that he's really not letting this go, in an interview, filled with righteous indignation.

"I think this kind of movement is a bit too much. How can you be anxious to kick someone? I didn't understand that if you accidentally hit me on the court, it doesn't matter, but at that time, the referee has already decided to fight for the ball, and you are still kicking me, and you are still kicking on my leg, which is obviously a hurting action. This kind of thing should be eliminated, so I am very excited.

, "I think I want to pull him out and pull this behavior out. We are a healthy League. So many people in the finals are concerned about this action. I want to take him in the present, and hope he will reflect on it. "

when the reporter went on to ask again, Guo Ailun was pulled away by the general manager of the Liaoning team. After

, Guo Ailun again talked about the conflict on the night of the social media.

has also become a social media hot spot in the evening after Guo Ailun's continuous voice.

, while turning to Guo Ailun, is actually stimulating his heart. But in the finals stage, all the results of the theory, more said no benefit.

Guo Ailun is a very emotional player, which is very clear to both his opponents and his own people. Hi do not hide betrayed into anger, and unhappy with his teammates on the field will complain, taxi was substituted with the rise of Guo Shiqiang dispute, the game did not play well, after facing the camera he all say what. The

is usually described as "frankness". But in competitive sports, "frankness" is not necessarily a good thing. Frank, not "manipulative" players, it is difficult to become a super star. None of the great players of

NBA is easy to be enraged, but most of them use this game skill to annoy their opponents. The game is not only the antagonism of talent and skill, but also the calculation.

is one of the most effective ways to beat the Liaoning core players in the range of the rules. The usual mind that Guo Shiqiang has always stressed is that the opponent has to disturb it.

so the next time, when the same kind of situation, Guo Ailun will be once again irritated, rushed to dry?

is not a problem under the rational mind. But at that moment, under the excitement of the blood, Guo Ailun would do something, and no one could control it.

this is not a simple Guo Shiqiang psychological channel and teammates can block the short-term problem, which requires Guo Ailun's own produce, learn to control their emotions, not to be inside or outside factors at any time point of explosion.

sensual Guo Ailun, in fact, is a miniature of the whole Liaoning team.

maybe Liaoning won the league title two years ago if not because it was too emotional. In recent years, Liaoning has been undulating in the playoffs, many of which have been caused by the instability of the state of mind. This unstable mood is very easy to spread in the team. Starting from a certain player's action, the team has a little mental imbalance, and finally crash. The

finals have just started, and the challenges facing Guo Shiqiang and Liaoning have just started.

an ordinary, very simple request for Liaoning is not that easy to achieve. Mental and emotional, these abstract factors are more important than the concrete strength.

this point Guo Shiqiang knows very well that Li Chunjiang is also not confused.