Live the MVP! One hit five to save the rocket routine? After the game, there are countless circles of powder!

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Live the MVP! One hit five to save the rocket routine? After the game, there are countless circles of powder!

2018-04-16 20:25:06 126 ℃

what is called True Thigh? This evening's harden is!

rockets home to the playoff unveiling battle! According to the prediction of media and fans, Rockets should be able to easily crush forest wolves with the advantage of home court, but tough Timberwolves are the last generation of life and rocket stalemate. Although still lost the game, but also just lost 101:104 rocket, on the road to play so the color of the performance, Minnesota performance in this field has been commendable!

Timberwolves Butler 13 points and 5 rebounds, 15 points and 9 rebounds and 8 assists Teague, Downes 8 points and 12 rebounds, Wiggins 18 points, Crawford 15 points. In addition to these, Ross's sudden outbreak is the key factor for the team and the Rockets to stand on the road. In the 24 minutes of the

game, Ross had 14 shots of 7, 16 points with a 50% hit rate, and 4 assists. Performance can be said to be quite good! No one imagined that Thibodeau would have dared to use Ross at the crucial moment in the playoffs, and that Ross could be a soldier of the team.

compared with the first team Teague, Ross's performance even more outstanding!

although the forest wolf defeat, but the weak difference also gave Minnesota more confidence, but the outbreak of Ross also gave Thibodeau more choice, can not guarantee that a rocket can win back to the home court, but their home court maybe wolves that won one or two games the victory is also unknown!

and the two sides are scorched. Besides the wolves, the other big reason is that the Rockets are too bad! Statement ahead of time! Do not include me!

played Nene too little time we will not forget! The team's main rotation player, except for the figures of the king and Cappella! The rest of the people are simply not looking! Paul Tucker Aliza Gordon is three points, 22 and 3! This has not been counted as 0 of Green's 3 shot. If the board did not brother 12 7, the Rockets three points can't get shot!

is also no wonder the fans will be in the media: the Rockets are so bad that they can win. The boss of the rocket should give him one hundred million of his salary.

in the harden teammates suck the case, a person carry the team offensive banner, the highest for the 40 minutes of the team, the team scored 44 points, 8 assists the highest team. On the scene, it was a state of five.

and in contrast, Paul's state is really hard to flatter!

first hit Paul. It was the same as sleepwalking, missed shots, successive failures, and even chance attack. It seemed to be very hesitant on the court. It seemed like the first time to enter the playoffs. After the first 3 voted 1 to get 4 points and 1 assists not only the state of recovery, since it is become aggravated!

14 shot 5 of Paul, of which three points were 1 in 6. Even when Paul was the worst in the regular season, he didn't make it. And there were 6 turnovers in the case of 4 assists in the whole field. It's hard to see in a steady state of Paul!

, especially at the last critical moment, the Rockets just led by 3 points. In such a life and death time, Paul would pass the ball wrong. Fortunately, the wolves have hit bad, otherwise Paul is certainly the game losing the man of sin!

but it's good for the Rockets to win, and Paul has a chance to adjust his condition!

and Paul and harden interviewed together, harden once again showed us his personality charm.

this is a bad game for Paul, and this must be a target for journalists! Indeed, when interviewed, there was a reporter asking Paul's status tonight. Such a question would be embarrassed no matter how Paul answered. Paul didn't think of how to solve the embarrassment. He answered the first step: "he played well." Not only the embarrassment of Paul, but also the high EQ!

fans also said that this kind of harden should be elected to MVP! It can save the team and protect the teammates! Harden's action tonight, I'm afraid, is going to be in a lot of powder again!

so harden, who can not love, who can not like it?