The Asian crown foresight: the battle of the right of line out! Hengda's right to fight cherry blossoms

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The Asian crown foresight: the battle of the right of line out! Hengda's right to fight cherry blossoms

2018-04-16 20:25:11 123 ℃
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2018 season AFC Champions League League group phase sixth round game ending in April 17th and 18, Hengda home court against Osaka Sakura, Hengda to smooth qualify as a fundamental goal; in advance to lock top the group on Hong Kong at the Melbourne victory, Hong Kong ushered in a training opportunity; ahead of qualifying home court against the right to health Bai Sun God, the reality under the pressure of the right to health should strive to obtain ideal results; early exit in the lineup at the Sydney Shenhua Shenhua FC, we should aim to maintain the smooth. Group

H: Sydney Shanghai FCvs Shenhua

competition time: Tuesday April 17th, 18:00

Shenhua will play away from Sydney FC. The team before the 5 round after Shenhua 4 flat 1 negative 4 points, in the bottom panel, already ahead of the game; Sydney FC1 wins 2 flat 2 negative 5 points, there is still hope to qualify to compete in theory; 2 Kashima antlers wins and 3 with 9 points, has been ahead of qualifying; 2 wins 1 flat 2 Samsung Bluewings negative 7 points, ranking the second group. The

wheel group phase, must win in order to retain hope of qualifying situation, Shenhua home court 2-2 draw against Kashima antlers. The match Shenhua was 2-0 leading, and it was really regrettable to be tied up by the opponent. It also explained the difficulty of winning Shenhua in the Asian Champions League. The expedition to Sydney Shenhua team played, only Moreno a foreign aid to local players, also has a larger area of holiday, which directly amplified the take away points of difficulty, avoid the lost is the real goal of shenhua. Group

G: Guangzhou Hengda vs Osaka Sakura

competition time: Tuesday April 17th, 19:00

Hengda will compete against Osaka cherry blossoms at home. The team before the 5 round after Hengda 2 wins and 3 9 points, leading the team standings; Osaka Sakura 2 wins 2 flat 1 negative 8 points, ranked second; buriram United 1 wins 3 flat 1 negative 6 points, still hope to qualify to compete in the Jeju stock theory; 1 wins 4 negative product 3 is ahead of the game.

Hengda unbeaten performance is gratifying, but because the road was round buriram united the vast flat and failed to get ahead of qualifying, the team ending war theory variables should not be underestimated. Hengda will ensure not to lose lock top the group, if lost to Osaka Sakura still has a chance to qualify, but to see the others (see buriram United away to Jeju United game).

is the absolutely good Hengda enjoy the home court, and Osaka Sakura did not arrange the lineup in China, will substitute the young squad for the theory, Hengda game difficulty will be reduced accordingly. But Hengda have relatively unfavorable situation, Super League last weekend draw away after Shenhua, Hengda backward difference in Hong Kong has widened to 5 points, the team in pressure amplification; jinyingquan the game showed a state of worry, Alan can play in the AFC Champions League front, but the front has entered the super for fear of suspension also affect the state of Alan; more crucially, Hengda in the league and have been exposed AFC Champions League front offensive fighter grasp the problem of insufficient capacity, the possibility of a direct amplification of variables.

AFC Champions League history of Osaka Hengda has Sakura had achieved 5-1 victory (away). This season, the first round of group games was the 0-0 round draw of Hengda away from home. Before the competition, Osaka cherry blossoms said that "we have mastered the weaknesses of Hengda", while Hengda still has certain advantages in the absence of Zheng Zhi and Zeng Cheng. The main problem is not able to grasp the scoring opportunities. The two sides are now fighting again. Osaka cherry blossoms are playing with a substitute lineup. Hengda's control of the game and the effect and momentum of scoring opportunities deserve much attention. According to the rules of

AFC Champions League, G group of two teams qualify to be out of the two teams qualifying match against the E group in the first round, the Hengda is likely to be in the first round playoff game against Tianjin the right to health, Chinese fans certainly don't want a "Chinese Derby" premature, but the reality did not select rival Hengda too large, must be based on the stable outlet for the ultimate goal. Group

F: Melbourne Shengli vs Shanghai port

competition time: on Wednesday April 18th, 18:00

, Hong Kong will win the match against Melbourne. The team before the 5 round after the Hong Kong 3 wins and 2 11 points, has been locked in advance of group leaders; Ulsan modern 2 wins 2 flat 1 negative 8 points, has been locked in advance of another qualification; Melbourne victory and Kawasaki striker with 5 points and 2 points, are ahead of the game.

in the new season to Hong Kong's strong trend is very striking, the crown group match ahead of time, the first 6 rounds in the first 6 wins. Under the guarantee of hard strength, the transport of Hong Kong is very ideal, and the travel of the present round has also formed a good good. It will be a good opportunity to rehearse the team at Hong Kong and test the young players in the reality that the outcome of the game is not important. Of course, there is also a need to avoid any unnecessary consumption as far as possible. The first leg of the group match was 4-1 victory over Melbourne at home. Group

E: Tianjin Quan vs Bai Sun God

competition time: on Wednesday April 18th, 19:00

will play at home against cypress. The team before the 5 round of 3 after the right to health 1 wins 1 negative product 10 points, in the second group, has the right to get ahead of qualifying; Jeonbuk 4 wins 1 negative 12 points to lead; Kashiwa reysol and Hongkong team Chinese jaze points with 4 points and 3 points, already ahead of the game.

theory on the right to health as well as compete to top the group possibility, but the last round of the north of modern home court jaze were relatively easy to predict, such as the occurrence of extreme results, the right to health group ranked the second place in the situation has been basically clear.

has lost face Bai Sun God the actual fighting, the right to health to play well in a greater sense of home court is "boost self", especially to the game as the drill team, explore configuration of the opportunity, after all in 6 after the right to health 2 wins 1 flat 3 negative record is not ideal, Paul Sosa and the club management are under great pressure, the right to health "and then a mishap fault-tolerant space is very small. The first round of the group match was in the right to the 1-1 war and the deity of cypress sun.

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